Makena Cove – The Wedding Factory

makena cove

This is our favorite Maui panoramic to date!  

Makena Cove is sometimes referred to as The Wedding Factory because of how many weddings are performed on it each day.  This tiny beach is a hidden gem found only by traveling to a small walkway through a stone wall.  It’s really one of the prettier spots on the island and very photogenic.

The problem with getting married at Makena Cove is that you’re likely not going to have it to yourself.  This morning, there was only 1 wedding and 1 family photo shoot in the 2 hours we were there.  This is rare.  On top of the weddings, many people come to suntan here as well.  This wouldn’t be a problem on most other beaches, but this one is so small, it’s difficult to ignore people.  At times, we’ve seen 5-6 weddings going on AT THE SAME TIME!!

We suggest using a different beach when getting married, or at least do it off season at Makena Cove.


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