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Maui Weddings Guide

Whether it’s an intimate Maui beach wedding or an elaborate large estate wedding, Maui is the best place to get married in the world. Here is your guide to Maui weddings.

Wedding Couple on Maui Beach

Maui Weddings Guide

Below are some details, answers, and other information about Maui weddings. We’ve also listed some of our favorite island vendors.

Wedding Coordinators

We definitely recommend hiring a wedding planner for your Maui wedding. They will coordinate all the small details as well as the big, more complicated parts for you. By the time you arrive on the island, everything will be ready. Most of them have been doing this for years and know all the best vendors. (Or, the best vendors that fit in your budget.)

You need to interview your coordinator, like your photographer. Call them, ask questions, and ask for references. Not all planners are created equal. Meaning: it doesn’t take much to claim that you’re a Maui wedding planner. With the ease of entry to this profession comes some disorganized, terrible coordinators. Choose a company that has proven its worth with hundreds of weddings under its belt. Also, for our LGBTQ community, we have a page about Maui same-sex weddings that will give you some ideas on planning your wedding.

Simple Maui Wedding

Simple Maui Wedding

When you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, you want to make sure that it goes according to plan! With Simple Maui Wedding, they manage to exceed your dreams (whether it be a small beach wedding or a large estate wedding), from their expert planning to their experienced eye in photography. This one-stop shop has everything you need, so all you need to worry about is getting to your wedding on time. We’ve known Karma and Steven for over a decade and recommend their team’s professionalism. They’ve shot and planned thousands of successful weddings on Maui.

Call them today at (800) 873-0789 or visit them at Simple Maui Wedding.

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Maui Wedding Photography

Your wedding photography is probably the single most important thing to get right. Though the mistakes that happen with other things (incorrect flower arrangement, officiant blunder, late bartenders, etc…) will haunt you forever, they’ll be largely overlooked by your guests. Your photos, however, will last for generations!


Karma Hill Photography

Karma Hill PhotographyKarma and her team of photographers have shot thousands of Maui weddings, from the smallest beach weddings to massive estate weddings. Her photos are beautiful, capturing the perfect romantic photos and the pure joy only found in candid moments throughout your event.

For more information, please call 808.873.0789

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Porsche Speedsters

Make a dramatic entrance on your wedding day! Maui Roadsters offers a fleet of beautiful 1957 Porsche Speedster reproduction convertibles, perfect for pre-wedding transportation and post-wedding celebrations! These cars are sporty, beautiful, and the ultimate addition to ensure your paradise wedding is fun and unique. You’ll quickly find that photo opportunities are endless. The service by Maui Roadsters is top-notch, and so is the driving! 

Maui Roadsters

Using these iconic cars for post-wedding photo shoots is becoming increasingly popular too. Have another chance to wear your wedding dress while shooting at your leisure with the car of your dreams.

Call (808) 339-6204 or visit for more information.

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Officiants & Ministers

Maui Officiant

Brad SalterOur favorite wedding officiant is perhaps the most versatile as well. Brad Salter is known for helping wedding couples shed the stress of planning and be at ease during the ceremony.

“I just wanted to send you a note to THANK YOU again for the incredible gift you provided us by performing our vow renewal ceremony a few weeks ago. You were great to work with when planning this surprise for my wife of 30 years. You just basically asked what I needed and made it happen for us. Your ability to take the information I provided and incorporate it into the ceremony in such a very special way was incredible. The vows and ceremony were perfect in every way and will never be forgotten.”

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Trilogy Excursions

Trilogy Boat Maui

Planning a Maui wedding from afar can be a difficult task, but Trilogy Excursions’ Wedding Packages and Events make for a smooth, unique, and memorable experience. Whether you decide to host your rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception aboard a luxurious Trilogy sailing catamaran, this is definitely a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding on Maui.

Trilogy Excursions are also the only company with access to Hale O Manele Pavilion, located on the gorgeous neighbor island of Lanaʻi, for a truly extravagant wedding locale.

For more information, please visit Sail Trilogy or call (808) 874-5649.


Island Star Excursions

Island Star Sailing

The Island Star is another great option for hosting stunning weddings or celebrations at sea. This pristine sailing yacht totals 57 feet and boasts an immaculate galley and spacious deck. Accommodating up to 18 people, the Island Star is a great choice for those hosting intimate celebrations. The Island Star also comes complete with a hospitable crew and a five-star onboard menu. If you choose to host your celebration onboard the Island Star, they can also put you in contact with a reputable wedding coordinator.

For more information, check out the Island Star website or call (808) 669-7827.


Cliff House

Cliff House Maui

Overlooking the shimmering teal seas at Namalu Bay in Kapalua, the historic, two-story Cliff House is one of the island’s most heavenly venues. The spacious layout of the upper floor features a wrapping deck, kitchen and grill, and floor-to-ceiling windows that elevate views of the waterfront, neighboring islands, and sunset. The lower level offers access to the ocean and restrooms. The Cliff House is an ideal choice for smaller wedding ceremonies or rehearsal dinners and can accommodate up to 30 people.

For more information, check out The Cliff House or call (866) 628-1355.

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Mauis Best Massage

Weddings can take a toll on everyone, and that stress can leave someone feeling less than sunny. With Maui’s Best Massage, you can find your aloha and get back on the paradise train! With expert massage therapists that cater to your every need, you will float down the aisle. And their massage outcall service will meet you anywhere you’re staying, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

For more information, please visit Maui’s Best Massage or call (808) 426-7418.

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Maui Catering Companies

Delicious eats are an integral part of a successful wedding. While caterers abound across Maui, quality food and above-par service may be hard to secure. We’ve put together a list of Maui caterers to choose fromhelping you and your partner-to-be host a unique, unforgettable reception. When Chef Scheer was at the Mill House, the restaurant was much-lauded with a fearless, inventive team creating dishes that titillated even the most jaded foodie. Guests sang their praises, critics applauded their creations, and kamaʻaina returned to Scheer’s venue time and again for his beautifully plated—and ultra-delectable—farm-fresh cuisine. We love his new restaurant in Pukalani called Marlow, which opened in mid-2021. Make sure to check them out when you are Upcountry. In the meantime, here’s a video sharing some of the past experiences we had.

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Through our experience, some videographers come off as loud and obtrusive, and others blend into the party and are hardly noticeable at all. It is a good idea to think about what is more important to you, your wedding photos or the wedding video. The nature of both requires the photographer and videographer to want to be at the same place at the same time. So you need to tell both the photographer and the videographer who you’d like to be more of the conductor. If you let them know that the photos are more important to you, then they can work together and coordinate better. If no precedent is set, sometimes they will be nudging each other for the best shot.

Hawaii Web Group has shot hundreds of films and is now offering Maui wedding videography for a few lucky couples per year. The video above is an example of a recent wedding shoot Upcountry shot by their team. If interested, get your request in soon! They will only be shooting 3-4 weddings each year.

During the romantic photo/video session, each will be calling out instructions to you, which is confusing and frustrating to you. Sometimes a photographer and videographer can work together perfectly, but it is nice to let each one know what is important to you so they can work around each other smoothly.

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Maui Tent Rentals

Maui Tentworks tends to have the best prices and good quality tent rentals and accessories. They have a lot of rentals to make your Maui wedding complete. They have small, medium, and large tent structures for any size event. Call Ala at 808-268-7618.

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Tuxedoes & Suits

Your choices are limited on Maui because most grooms go with a white Tommy Bahama shirt and khaki pants. If you want a suit that’s anything other than black, you’ll probably have to special order it and not see it till it’s too late. Though not perfect, L’Amour Bridal in Lahaina seems to be the best-run operation.

Maui Weddings Guide Tuxedo

Ellie’s Formal Wear in Kihei is also an option for tuxedos and suits. They have dresses and accessories also. There are more options, but we haven’t been impressed yet.

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Bar Services

Maui Cocktail Catering has the best bar set up on the island.
Not only are all of these young bartenders professional and affordable, but they also manage to hire the most beautiful people. You kind of get the whole package with these enthusiastic and experienced bartenders. Their classy bamboo bars really make you feel like you’re on the islands.

Maui wedding Bar Service
Their bars are so much better than the regular table with linen over it like most of the other bar companies use on the island. They give you a full-service experience. Traditional drinks to island specialties. Call Melissa at 808-357-5097.

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Butterfly & Dove Release

Butterflies can be beautiful, fun, and friendly. They are the perfect addition to any wedding. Butterflies also have a deep spiritual meaning. They are often seen as a representation of new life hence their popularity at weddings. There is a Native American Legend that states that if you whisper a wish to a butterfly, the butterfly will fly up to the Heavens, and the Great Spirit will grant your wish in return for the butterfly’s freedom. Call the Maui Butterfly Farm at 808-280-0506.

Doves are a traditional and exciting addition to your Maui wedding. Since ancient times doves and pigeons have been symbols of love and purity. Dove releases can range in number from just 2 to almost 100 doves. A favorite release method is the 2 dove “hand release” by the Bride and Groom. The release of white doves can add a beautiful touch of elegance to your wedding. Doves can be released anywhere on Maui, Molokai, and Lanaʻi. Due to their keen homing instincts, they return swiftly to their Maui home. It is a good idea to release them by sunset at the very latest, so they can find their way home.

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Maui Weddings Guide Doves


Flowers make up a huge part of your wedding. The bouquet, boutonnière, and any other floral décor you decide to have will enhance the look of your wedding dramatically. Choose the colors for your wedding, then decide on the flowers you’ll have. Orchids, especially cymbidium orchids, are plentiful here. Some flowers, however, are very hard and expensive to get to Maui.

Maui Weddings Guide Flowers

Talk to your Maui florist and decide on your best plan of action. Make sure you get some references from other weddings before choosing your florist. We’ve had some experiences in the past.

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The tradition of cutting the wedding cake is the symbolic first act of a couple cooperating in a task together. It has survived many centuries and continues today. Your cake is important. Whether you are getting married in a large ballroom or on a sandy beach, you can have your cake and eat it too! (Sorry for the pun.) Just because you’re getting married on a beach doesn’t mean you have to skip the cake. You can bring a little blanket and even cut it picnic-style!

If you are getting married at one of the large resorts on Maui, they usually have an in-house bakery capable of making a small, cute wedding cake. Talk to your concierge or your wedding coordinator and ask them about their favorite cake designer.

Maui wedding Cakes

Much of the Maui Wedding Photography is courtesy of Natalie Brown Photography. All Rights Reserved.

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