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Maui Beach Wedding Locations

The majority of weddings on Maui are small beach weddings on the South and West shores. They have the best view of the sunset. Putting together a Maui beach wedding can be effortless with the right talent around you. Find the best Maui wedding locations with the help of a professional.

Maui Wedding Locations Sunset

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One of the most efficient ways to choose the perfect wedding location is to discuss it with your wedding planner. Use their knowledge of the local landscape to help you narrow down your options, including ceremonies on the beach to more remote areas of Upcountry Maui, jungle waterfalls, and more. See these other Maui beach wedding locations.

You can choose any beach on the South side of Maui that is to your liking.

Maui Wedding Locations

The same goes for the West side of Maui excluding Kaʻanapali Beach for permitting reasons. The only thing we do suggest is finding a beach that’s a little further away from crowds. The most crowded beach to get married on is Makena Cove, also called Secret Beach, in South Maui. It is a gorgeous place with very blue water when the sun is out in the morning. But many times the common Makena cloud covers the beach and therefore hides the blue water. It is possible to get the beach to yourself with the sun out, but I wouldn’t count on it. The beach is incredible and hidden away from the road, but every wedding vendor knows about it and recommends it to their brides. Sometimes you’ll find 2 to 3 weddings at the same time on this tiny beach. Our suggestion is to find a different spot, and if you need to have photos there, make the trip after the ceremony for pictures. The island is bigger than you’d think with some beaches that are more private.

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Some other beautiful beaches to get married on in South Maui are Poʻolenelena Beach in Makena, Keawakapu Beach in Wailea, and Palauea Beach in Wailea. They are all beautiful with a view of Molokini in the distance.

Some beautiful beaches to get married on in West Maui (which is the Lahaina side of the island) are Baby Beach in Lahaina, Napili Bay in Napili, Kapalua Bay in Kapalua, and Ironwoods Beach in Kapalua. These are some of the top spots considered when brides ask, “where should I get married in Hawaii?

Maui Beach Wedding Locations

Permits are required to get married on any of these South and West beaches. Your Wedding Planner will take care of getting the permit for you. The beach permit is a layer of protection for anyone getting married in Maui. You can rest assured that only licensed, fully insured wedding professionals will be conducting your romantic beach weddings or vow renewal.