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  1. Tuesday, October 31, 2023
    From the beginning of the disastrous fires that sadly destroyed Lahaina I have seen photos of Lahaina harbor showing a complete absence of boats. Can you tell me if what I am seeing is what is left after all of the boats burned and sank or if many of the boats were able to escape the harbor before it was completely engulfed in flames?
    I refer you to the photo at the lead of your website, Lahaina Town Guide

    Richard Cook
    Parker, Colorado

  2. Our prayers and financial support go out to Lahaina! We first visited in 1988 for our honeymoon. Decided to come back for our 30th and were delighted to find it looked the same, with all the great history and people. So many places get taken over by rich resorts, not our style. It is a beautiful place but the people are what make it the best. Came again in 2022, were planning to come back soon…I believe our memories and pictures will have to do. Keep fighting for what you need!

  3. First, thank you all, and may you all be blessed. Like people all over the world, my heart breaks for Maui. I want to share 2 things with you that I learned during the Tubbs fire in California in 2017:
    1: EVERYONE will have PTSD. The fire stopped 5 miles from my home; but it had already travelled 25 miles in 5 hours, so we were not safe; the fire could have reached us in 15 minutes. We were packed to run for 2 weeks, and I and many others still have some PTSD. Whenever I see films of fires, I can’t stop sobbing. ( I sent a few hundred dollars to Maui Humane and one of the local food banks you listed on the first day)
    2: the Red Cross can be useless. During the Tubbs, the town of Calistoga opened the fairgrounds to evacuees. Many locals showed up: they made 3 meals a day for everyone, had tables of donated clothes and other items for people to take, and did an amazing job. Days later the Red Cross showed up: they got rid of all the volunteers, made maybe one meal a day for people if they got there in time, and mostly stayed in their air conditioned trailers.
    I hope this may be useful. Mahalo and blessings,

  4. We have many cherished memories of our visits to Lahaina over the years. Many are worried, and rightly so, that “outside money” will take over in the rebuilding of Lahaina and totally change its quaint and historical character. It should not be be a commercialized rebuild, but a sensitive “restoration”, and perhaps even seek designation as a Federal or State protected area in perpetuity because of its State and National historical significance, and now even more sacred area because of the many lives lost. If restored properly, and with vision, it could become the jewel of the Islands.

    • Mahalo. Between donating and doing supply runs, we’re dedicating every waking moment to this (as every Maui resident should right now.)

  5. We visited your lovely island and town last year. And stood under the banyan tree in the town square. It was so peaceful. And now we are both so sad to see the pictures today. We will pray and light candles for you all, in Romsey Abbey, close to where we live. God bless. You are in our thoughts. Jim & Barbara Allen (England)

  6. re AUGUST 9, 2023 – Maui “Community Help” Donation Requests

    Shouldn’t you add pet food to your list? Cat food, Dog food–both canned and dry food, maybe even Bird seed/food, too.

    I am aware that according to your news artlcle “many pets have died” but some may have survived thanks to their owners and/or animal rescuers. During major disasters, so many of those asking for donations often forget about the needs of our furry friends. So, please add these to your list.

    Thank you in advance.

    • I Will LOVE to help work with my hands work to help what can i do to help Maui people please i want to help. So sad for what have hapenning in Maui. I want to help. Contact me please i want to help Maui people. Regards

      • The best way to help is by donating from the mainland. If you’re on Maui, go to a shelter and volunteer (as well as donate goods.)

  7. Here is a document of Immediate Steps to Take Post Disaster, crowdsourced by fire survivors and recovery partners of the 2020 Southern Oregon Fires. We put it together because we never found anything like it- I hope it’s helpful. Please feel free to share or let me know where else to post this. We are here if you have any recovery questions. Aloha.
    Google doc link:

  8. Kula Lodge is still standing!

    On their Facebook page:
    Kula Lodge & Restaurant
    3h ·
    We are very pleased to announce that we are still standing! We feel incredibly blessed to have been spared of these horrific brush fires, but our hearts go out to our Kula neighbors who lost their homes and businesses. This situation has been such a devastation for Maui.
    We are currently assessing everything on property and devising a plan on how to help out our community. Please keep checking this page for updates.

  9. Hi! I had just finished to read your blog…I am thinking to move to Maui…but I dont have papers and no much money! I been once in Maui as a tourist and love it…20 years ago…I am thinking to move because I think I Can work in cleaning houses and also I make Sound Massage, thinking that Rech people Can afford it and me save money! Do you think it is easy to do what I am planning? Thank you for your help! Maria

    • It’s a lot harder to move and stay here than most think. You don’t have papers? Not sure where you’re from, but being able to live and work in the USA would be the first step.

  10. Aloha!

    Can you please help me out? My family and I are looking to do some snuba-ing from the shore. I’ve only found shoreline snuba. But I did see that they are not the only outfit that offers snuba from shore. What other companies offer snuba from shore?

    • Article on pidgn was funny!!! Right out of th book Pidgin to da max!!!!! Hahahahaha I’m born n ai in Oahu but I ont eve hear peopl speak with that much pidgin. Seem exagerated ut very island is a lot lot mor laid back tan Oahu. Hehehehe was ntertang lke bringing m back 40 yea o Pidgin to the max and Rap’s Poi Dog album… Hahahaha lol mahaloz.,


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