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7 thoughts on “Give Us a Shout!”

  1. Hi! I had just finished to read your blog…I am thinking to move to Maui…but I dont have papers and no much money! I been once in Maui as a tourist and love it…20 years ago…I am thinking to move because I think I Can work in cleaning houses and also I make Sound Massage, thinking that Rech people Can afford it and me save money! Do you think it is easy to do what I am planning? Thank you for your help! Maria

    • It’s a lot harder to move and stay here than most think. You don’t have papers? Not sure where you’re from, but being able to live and work in the USA would be the first step.

  2. Aloha!

    Can you please help me out? My family and I are looking to do some snuba-ing from the shore. I’ve only found shoreline snuba. But I did see that they are not the only outfit that offers snuba from shore. What other companies offer snuba from shore?

    • Article on pidgn was funny!!! Right out of th book Pidgin to da max!!!!! Hahahahaha I’m born n ai in Oahu but I ont eve hear peopl speak with that much pidgin. Seem exagerated ut very island is a lot lot mor laid back tan Oahu. Hehehehe was ntertang lke bringing m back 40 yea o Pidgin to the max and Rap’s Poi Dog album… Hahahaha lol mahaloz.,


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