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When it comes to choosing a Maui wedding planner, you need to find someone that will be patient, has the experience, is well organized, and understands how Maui works. The wedding planners at Maui Beach Weddings and Events have all of these characteristics and more. Ask Greg to help you with the most important day of your life.

Some people choose to wing it when getting married on Maui. If you’re having a small beach wedding, this can work out, but get ready for stress and frustration. Using a wedding coordinator takes much of the burden off your shoulders. Keep in mind that Maui does not function like the mainland. To put it short, handling all of the different vendors and staying on top of them can be a difficult task for those not accustomed to doing business on Maui.

Maui Wedding Planners

Choosing the right wedding planner will keep things under control and alleviate unnecessary stress. If you book someone now, you can be sure that once you arrive on the island, things will be much more enjoyable. No one wants to see a frazzled bride on her wedding day. Soak up Maui while a professional takes care of all the details. Call (808) 891-8811 for more information.

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Our wedding pages are growing with each new bride and vendor we talk to. If you have any suggestions, please let us know and we’ll see if we can get the information that you need. Right now, we make our recommendations based on who we’ve seen does the best work and who handles themselves in the most professional manner.