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Lahaina Town Maui

Lahaina Maui

Lahaina, a seaside town which sits along HWY 30 on Maui's westshore, offers a vacation experience all its own. Dining, shopping, history, art, nightlife and even surfing and boat excursions from Lahaina Harbor are available in this fun and charming spread.

LahainaLahaina Harbor

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The main drag, Front Street, was named one of the "Top 10 Greatest Streets" in America. And the county of Maui takes added measures to preserve and care for the heritage of the area. You won't find any billboards or flashy neon signs in this historic strip, but instead painted wooden signs and crabs scattering across the salty wet rocks.


The harbor is legendary and the center of town. Many beautiful boats take guests snorkeling nearby and to the island of Lanai.


Lahaina Hotel

The ilikahi has 4 beautiful, private suites in the heart of Lahaina Town. This west Maui boutique hotel is only a few minutes walk to the beach and offers a quiet, secluded place to get away. The rooms are spacious and renovated, and Lahaina shopping, restaurants and galleries are all walking distance. (808) 662-8780


Lahaina History

Lahaina Le Le), meaning relentless sun, was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom until 1845. It was a much wetter environment than the dry Lahaina we know today. In fact, the royal household lived on a recently re-discovered small island in the middle of what was once a 17-acre lake. The island that was unearthed, Moku'ula, holds great cultural significance and is part of an ongoing archeological project.


With the arrival of the European explorers came much change. Mangos were brought to the islands in the early 1800s and thrived heartily in the wetland environment. You'll find some still scattered throughout the town, and some residents offer up their juicy candy-like fruit in curbside stands. Just pop a dollar in their "vacation fund" jar.


As more ships arrived for trade, they began to take note of the humpback whales that came by the thousands to the tropical Maui waters to mate and give birth each year. The town became a hub of whaling activity; and the once calm sunny coast, became a raucous and tawdry area full of sailors. This, of course, became a point of contention for the Christian missionaries who had settled in the area.


In time, the waters of marshy Lahaina were diverted by the next big industry - sugar cane. Sugar cane, pineapple and also coffee became big enterprises. A further influx of migrant workers arrived from mostly Japan, China and Portugal to work these plantations. Thus the landscape was forever changed.


To learn more about the colorful history of this town, definitely take the FREE self guided walking tour called the Lahaina Historic Trail. Many of these key points of pre and post civilization are designated with an informative plaque throughout the town of Lahaina, all a short distance from one another.

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The population now consists of some salty dogs, surfers, random celebrities, locals who love nothing more than to just sit and "talk story", a long haired gentleman who rides his bicycle up and down front street each day with a macaw on his handle bars, and other colorful characters. And, of course, it wouldn't be the front street we know without visitors from across the globe here to capture a piece of the magic isle. The sunsets are impeccable, and chances are the fish on your menu was caught off Lahaina Harbor that very day! By day or night this historic port town offers something for the whole family.

Lahaina Glassblowing Classes

While Maui is well known for its artistic population and prominence of locally owned art galleries and studios, glassblowing classes offer a chance for visitors to immerse themselves in the creation of Hawaiian-inspired art.

Located just off of Lahaina’s famous Front Street, Moana Glass offers daily glassblowing classes from seasoned professionals and local Maui residents. Headed by Ryan Staub, who has more than 20 years of glassblowing experience in 11 countries, participants are invited to experience a hands-on glassblowing lesson to create their very own personalized Maui souvenir. Simply choose from an assortment of glass-blown pieces inspired by Maui’s natural beauty, and receive step-by-step instruction from some of the best glassblowers in Hawaii and beyond.

Glass Art lessons


Get creative with friends and family while learning a new skill, and take home a beautiful new piece of artwork created by yours truly. The piece you create dictates the price of the lesson, and items can be picked up the following day after adequately cooling off overnight. This is an ideal activity for those looking to participate in a family-friendly, creative activity in the heart of Maui! Reserve your spot by contacting Moana Glass at (808) 763-6338.


Halloween in Lahaina

Regarded as the Mardi Gras of the Pacific, Halloween on Front Street in Lahaina is something special. Tens of thousands of party goers come dressed up in wild costumes and enjoy a parade for the kids, costume contests, live music, great food and cocktails. Depending on which year you go, the streets are often closed off from vehicular traffic allowing pedestrians opportunity to take over the streets and have some creative fun.


Lahaina Map


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