Maui Events September 2019

Jul 27, 20203 comments

The month of September traditionally marks the start of Maui’s slow season. The kids are back in school, the temperatures are cooling down, and the island may be quiet- but there is usually still a ton of fun to be had! During a normal September on Maui, we’d celebrate with musicians, farm-to-table dining events, a special Breadfruit Day celebration, Starry Night Cinema, a slew of concerts, the beloved Kula Festival and more! But, with COVID-19, things are a bit different.

What’s happening on Maui for September 2020?

That’s still up in the air…

BUT, we’re starting to see the reopening of businesses.  Shoot us a message with any events that are still scheduled that you think will still be happening.  We don’t know when the Coronavirus travel restrictions will end, so please let us know what you have planned.  We’ll add it here!  Also, get Hawaii Coronavirus Updates.

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Time will tell what happens this month!

For more information or to see the best weekly, monthly, and yearly celebrations, check out our calendar of Upcoming Maui Events.


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Maui Events September 2020

Family Class at Island Art Party: Secure your spot in Kihei’s most fun, family-friendly art class and learn how to paint ! Ages 8 and up are welcome, you’ll have a blast.  They also run more regular virtual classes.

Mahalo for reading our latest September events listings for The Valley Isle! Have something to share with us? Get in touch or leave a comment with your suggestions, and we look forward to running into you this month on Maui.


  1. Liza Pierce

    I see last year’s post 2018 was updated to give us his year’s events in September 2019. Good idea since many of the events are the same

  2. Judi

    For so many events listed, you do not say WHERE they are held! Please always indicate where, so folks don’t have to “wonder” and miss events. Mahalo!

    • Maui Hawaii

      Every event has a link to the official event page which will have more information. If we put much more info, it’ll be a massive post.


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