Maui Events October 2020

Oct 21, 20203 comments

Aloha and hello, future travelers.
Hats off to you, because you’re still thinking of Maui during one of the craziest years ever!

Maui Events October 2020

What’s to do on Maui this October 2020?  Not much.  Or maybe there will be?  It’s all up in the air.  Normally, we have the following amazing events and things to do (but unless you see a note in red, it’s likely not happening):

  • Special Chef Dining Events – See Kamado Maui
  • Classes at Island Art PartyStill happening!
  • Kula Country Farms Pumpkin Patch Still happening!
  • Lahaina Halloween 2020 – Still happening at some locations!  See events at Down the Hatch and Mala Ocean Tavern.
  • Annual Maui Fair and Opening Parade
  • Wailuku First Friday
  • MACC Concerts
  • Jazz at the Shops at Wailea
  • Garden Parties
  • Lahaina Second Friday Town Party
  • Art Shows
  • Maui Marathon
  • Starry Night Cinema
  • Hawaii Food and Wine Festival
  • Kihei Fourth Friday Town Party
  • XTERRA World Championship
  • Lahaina Front Street Halloween Party
  • Made On Maui – will be held virtually on November 7th and 8th

Mayor Michael Victorino announced today the reopening of additional businesses in Maui County, effective Tuesday, October 6th:

  • Movie Theaters
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Commercial Events Operators (Luaus, weddings, etc…)
  • Ocean-Related Competitions
  • Outdoor County Courts

Are you having an event or know of an event worth adding to this list?  Let us know!

your maui event


For more information or to see the best weekly, monthly, and yearly celebrations, check out our calendar of Upcoming Maui Events


Some photos from past Halloweens in Lahaina.

maui halloween celebration 2018

Mahalo for checking out the top activities on Maui in October! Remember to celebrate responsibly on Halloween, and we look forward to sharing some of our favorite photos from around the island.


  1. David Baker Jr.

    Hi Kelsey! I’ve been reading your articles about Maui and they are excellent! I had some questions that I hoped you’d be able to answer and I don’t know where to turn for the answers.

    My girlfriend and I have done a nomadic style of living. Traveling across the 48 and working here there and yonder. We lived in a camper in random spots for a long time. Now we are living in our vehicles. We still hold down jobs and have everything we need. We wanted to continue to do this, except in Hawaii, Maui specifically. I’ve read a lot about how it’s illegal to sleep in cars, whereas here, no one really cares. Is it possible to be able to move to Maui and continue to live this nomadic lifestyle? Where we can find jobs to pay our vehicle payments, but avoid paying rent or having to settle down in any one location? We want to explore all over the place and work enough to get by as we have been doing, while having the time to still go anywhere! Is that possible, or would going there be a mistake that results in nothing but citations and pretty much being forced off the island and back to the 48? I’d love to hear your thoughts on car living in Maui and the possibility of it! I’d be happy to talk through the forum here, or if you had time, it’d be more convenient to email back and forth. Would love if you could educate me a little. We’ve been gearing up to move over there and are getting close to being able to, we just want to know it won’t be a mistake and that our lifestyle is possible over there! Thank you so much for your time Kelsey!

  2. Geoff Freeland

    Hello, We will be joining the festivities on front street Halloween , my wife is dressing as Gwen Staffani from no-doubt , would I be able to reach out to the house band to preform “spiderwebs”off the tragic kingdom cd?
    She looks and sings very close to Gwen.
    Thank you,
    Geoff Freeland

    • Kelsey Love

      Hi Geoff, you will need to contact the band directly to make any requests. Mahalo, and have a great Halloween!


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