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Maui Ocean Activities

From surfing to sailing, here are our favorite Maui ocean activities. 

Maui Ocean Activities Waves

Maui Snorkeling

Snorkeling Maui

Snorkeling is a great way to explore our reefs and abundant tropical sea life. It’s also one of the best-priced activities on the island. If you take a boat trip to Molokini Crater or walk into the ocean in front of your resort, you’ll most likely see large green sea turtles, Humuhumunukunukuapuaʻa, and brilliant colorful reef.

Maui Fishing Charters

Maui Fishing

Fish are prevalent around the island. Between the islands of Maui, Kahoʻolawe, Lanai, and Molokai are many different kinds of tropical fish. Some of the boat charters are quite reasonably priced and can assure you a great time. With a variety of boat sizes and styles, you can be selective and make sure you get the right vessel for the occasion and group size. 

Maui Sailing

Maui Sailing ToursVoyages are unparalleled when it comes to enjoying the open water and Maui ocean breezes. With multiple vessels to choose from and many activities, you’ll be sailing around Maui just the way you’d like to. Sunset sails and snorkeling trips are great options. Our favorite Maui Sailing is on the Kai Kanani.

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Lanai Snorkel Sail

Lanai Snorkel

Travel to the Pineapple Isle in style: aboard the Island Star, a 57-foot sailing yacht that offers every amenity and luxury while enjoying the privacy only a yacht can offer.

Maui Rafting

Ocean Rafting Maui

Rafting is one of the most exciting Maui ocean activities. You can do almost everything that you can do in a traditional, larger vessel including snorkeling, scuba diving, exploring, and whale watching. These tours are usually less expensive and more exciting than tours on larger boats.

Maui Whale Watching

Whale Watching Tours

Tours will bring you right up close and personal with the migrating humpback whales. There’s nothing like seeing a huge whale completely exit the water and make an enormous explosive splash. These gentle mammals are so graceful and beautiful that you might find yourself going more than once in the season. The boat tours are inexpensive and great for the family. Some of the boats have hydrophones from which they will project the whale’s song over the speakers live as they sing.

Maui Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are well worth the time and effort. The West and South of Maui are famous for their slow-rolling waves, perfect for learning to surf. There are many great surf schools on Maui with professional and patient instructors to get you on your feet. In fact, many of these schools promise that you’ll be surfing by yourself on your first day out. You can even get lessons in windsurfing and kiteboarding. Being the “windy island” of Hawaii, you’re sure to get what you need to learn these exciting and challenging sports. And for those of you that have experience surfing, you can rent a surfboard in Maui via Island Surfboard Rentals. They have a large selection of long, short, SUP, race, and fitness surfboards. They also offer free delivery and pick-up.  

Maui Kayak Tours

Maui Kayaking

Kayaking is incredibly popular, especially on the South and West sides of the island. These areas are ideal for kayaking because of the lack of swell, especially in the winter. Other than kayaking for exercise and great views, some people kayak to different snorkel or dive spots on the island. We’ve also seen people fishing from kayaks.

Maui Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving Maui

Scuba diving Maui is world-renowned. You’ll find everything in a dive that you’d ever want. Easily accessible, you can see shipwrecks and sea caves as well as do wall dives, boat dives, and shore dives. Maui is home to diverse underwater topography for you to explore with scuba. Experienced divers can dive at night and even with reef sharks. You don’t need to be an experienced diver to explore the wonders of scuba. Maui has many excellent scuba schools that can train you and get you in the water on the first day of class with a professional dive master. It takes less time to get certified to dive in Hawaii than on the mainland. If you’re not interested in spending 3 days of your vacation learning to scuba dive, there are alternatives. Snuba is an easy way to try scuba without much training. Many of the boat Charters in Maui offer equipment and training for a quick and exciting dive.

Maui Sailing Charters

Private Charters

If you’re looking for a more customized, intimate sailing experience than the larger tour boats, a private charter is the way to go. If you’re part of a small group looking to snorkel, see Lanai or Molokai, or just feel the wind in your hair as you enjoy some food and beverages at sea, private sailing charters off an experience you’ll remember. Great company, beautiful scenery, ocean spray, what’s not to love?

Maui Submarine Tours

Submarine Tours

Submarines are another great way to see the underwater world of Hawaii. The best part of this fun activity is that you can experience the ocean world without getting wet and you’ll be in a comfortable seat. This activity is particularly attractive to those who have trouble getting in the ocean as well as for families with very young children. From glass bottom boats to fully submergible submarines, you can be a part of the underwater ocean world with little trouble.

Parasailing & Jet Skiing

Parasail Maui

Parasail tours and Jet skis are available when the whales have left Maui waters. Parasailing is easy to do and a spectacular way to see Maui from up high. The flight is stable and affords views of the West Maui Mountains, Lanai Island, Molokai Island, and the vast Pacific Ocean.

Maui Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding Maui

Wakeboarding with Wake Maui is a unique and fun thing to do while visiting Maui. Not only can you go snorkeling, but you can also go water skiing and wakeboarding off the coast of Maui. Wake Maui leaves out of Kaʻanapali Beach.

Lanai Dolphin Adventure

Dolphin Tours

The islands of Maui County have some of the more entertaining sea creatures you’ll ever encounter. Spinner Dolphins swim in schools as they do acrobatic displays above the water. Snorkel and raft to Lanaʻi on this really fun and memorable adventure!

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