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Maui Parasailing Review from Chris

Parasailing has a season (May 16th through December 15th) because this is when our migrating Humpback Whales are no longer in Maui waters. There’s a danger of a collision when dealing with high-speed watercraft around the whales. This works out well because it gives us yet another thing to do when the whales are gone!

Our Maui Parasailing Experience

Our trip began with some nervousness. My wife and I opted to do the tandem parasail in order to offer each other moral support. We got strapped in and launched effortlessly. It turns out that we were worried for nothing. Yes, I have some issues with heights, but the parasail was so smooth and our flight so calm, being hundreds of feet above the water didn’t bother me at all. That, and the fact that our parasail company has a perfect safety record eased our minds.

We knew we’d have some good views once up there, but it was way beyond our expectations. We could see the neighbor islands as well as the West Maui Mountains perfectly. Having the ability to stay still at that height afforded us photo opportunities that you couldn’t hold steady long enough on a plane. It was amazing!

Maui Parasailing Experience

As we made our descent, we had some butterflies. AND again, it turned out to be a very smooth and mellow lowering. We landed with grace. It was an amazing experience we’ll never forget!

Maui Parasail Season May 16th to December 15th