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Maui Top Tens

Maui Top Ten Lists

Utilize our Maui top ten lists to help you on your next Maui adventure!


Planning First Trip

Maui Trip Planning

Where does one start? We’ll help you begin a checklist.

Best Maui Activities

Maui Whale Watching

See our unique formula for what constitutes the best Maui activities.

Top Tourist Mistakes

Maui Top Ten Tourist Mistakes

Avoid these 10 things at all costs! Leave with only good memories.

Rainy Day Activities

Maui Movie Theater

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

Fun For Kids

Maui Top Kids Activities Goats

See the many fun activities and services available for your kids.

Saving Money

Maui Top Ten Hiking Trail

Tips for saving money when vacationing in Maui, Hawaii.

Best Boat Trips

Maui Top Ten Boat Trips

Don’t take chances with an overcrowded trip on a boat in disrepair.

Best Bloggers

Maui Hammock Computer

These are some of the best bloggers on the island of Maui.

Top 25 Activities

Maui Top Ten Above Clouds

10 is too few activities to list as the best, so here are a few more.

Top 25 Best Maui Activities

Free Maui Activities

Maui Beach Walk

Enjoy a fun infographic showing the 10 best things to do for free.

Real Estate Buying Tips

Maui Real Estate

Read these helpful tips before buying land, a home, or investment property.

Top Snorkeling Spots

Maui Top Ten Snorkeling

These are the top ten spots to snorkel while visiting Maui, Hawaii.

Choosing A Boat Ride

Maui Top Ten Boat Rides

10 considerations when choosing a Maui boat ride.

Best Maui Views

Maui Top Views

The 10 best photo opportunities to check out on Maui.

Even more Maui activities!