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Top Maui Tourist Mistakes

Below we’ve listed some of the most common faux pas we notice tourists doing when visiting Maui, Hawaii. These are the top Maui tourist mistakes.

Maui Tourist Mistakes Flash Flood


#1 Trespassing

Some of the guidebooks you might buy tell you to go places where you’ll be trespassing on residents’ land. Some of the books tell you that it’s private land, and others don’t. Make sure that you’re not trespassing, and if it’s something you really can’t live without seeing, secure permission beforehand. You’d be surprised at how difficult these books have made the lives of long-time Maui residents that want normal private lives.

Maui Tourist Mistakes Trespassing

#2 Littering

Everyone knows this is a no-no, but it happens every day. And that goes for you chucking your cigarette butts too! Not only are those cigarette butts filled with some nasty chemicals that leach into the ground, but animals will eat them resulting in injury or death. You visit Maui because it’s so pure and clean. Let’s keep it that way. Don’t be afraid to call people out for it too.

Maui Tourist Mistakes Littering

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#3 Lack of Sunblock

It doesn’t matter how much most visitors put on their skin, most leave a little redder than they anticipated. The sun is so strong here, you really need to think about the time of day you’ll be outside. Make sure to bring lots of water, hats, extra sunblock, and any umbrellas/tents you can grab. The sun will sneak up on you, and you don’t want to spend a few days of your trip hurting… indoors… by yourself.

Maui Tourist Mistakes Sunburn

#4 Forgotten Safety

Many visitors come to Maui and see the beautiful natural landscape and jump right into what they think is a postcard. Swimming under a waterfall makes for a great photo, but debris from up-river has been known to kill people below. The ocean looks inviting, but shore break waves can chuck even experienced swimmers on their heads. Reefs are sharp, some fish are poisonous, and cliffs are unstable. Use your head and be safe.

Maui Tourist Mistakes Warning Signs

#5 Alcohol/Drugs

Having some cocktails is fine, puffing on medicinal herb is therapeutic, but some visitors think they’re invincible on vacation and get behind the wheel when intoxicated. we don’t need any more senseless deaths. Also, keep in mind that alcohol on the beach is illegal, so don’t risk getting an open container ticket (or worse yet, drunk in public.) As for drugs, don’t risk bringing it, and anything you buy here could be dangerous and/or overpriced.

Rock Stack#6 Wrong Souvenirs

There are plenty of shops selling fun souvenirs, so grab some of those instead of bringing home shells, sand, or rock from our land. These things are sacred, and if you ever saw what happened to the Brady Bunch when visiting Hawaii, you’ll know the consequences.

#7 Valuables In Car

Theft happens every day. We don’t have much crime other than theft. There are people waiting in the bamboo or on the beach hoping you’ll leave your bag with your iPhone and cash in the car. They know what rental cars look like, and they make a good living off of jacking your stuff. So, again, use your head and leave valuables in your hotel room safe or keep them on you.

Maui Tourist Mistakes Theft

#8 Poor Time Management

Not planning your time well can be inconvenient as well as dangerous. Leaving too late for the Road to Hana can force you to drive for hours in the dark on dangerous roads. If you’re hoping to grab some beers/wine for after dinner at the pool, keep in mind that stores stop selling booze after 10:45 pm.

#9 Clothing Mistakes

Some people think going barefoot is cool to do when visiting, but keep in mind that cement and sand can get blazing hot. Also, Keawe trees drop the nastiest thorns you’ll ever see. You don’t want one going through your foot. When it comes to clothes, some people don’t think warm clothes are necessary. If you plan on going Upcountry or to the Haleakala Crater, you might reconsider. Even the beach towns can get a little chilly a few days each year.

Maui Tourist Mistakes Clothing

Monk Seal#10 Proximity To Animal Life

If a monk seal decides to take a nap next to you on the beach, give it some room. When snorkeling, don’t touch or ride the sea turtles. Coral reefs look beautiful, but the odd wave can chuck you into it and give you some cuts you’d rather not have. There are laws protecting many of the animals and creatures around Maui, so keep your distance. It’s for your safety and theirs.