Wokstar Maui – Restaurant Review, Menu, & Photos


It’s easy to say that Wokstar is one of our favorite places to get inexpensive, tasty grinds.  We go there every week, it seems, and we never get sick of it.

They specialize in Asian noodle dishes.  Our favorite is there Kung Pow Chicken (pictured above and split on 2 plates.)  The Kung Pow has stir fried chilis for a little kick, sweet onion, celery, bell peppers (both red and green), water chestnut, and peanuts all tossed in a spicy tangy sauce with very thin egg noodles.  Yum.

We also love their pot stickers.  The Thai Red Curry is amazing too.  Feel free to click on the menus above and see them larger. 

These menus may have changed since we took this picture in the beginning of September 2010.  Aloha!


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