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Cafe Des Amis Restaurant Maui

42 Baldwin Ave.
Paia, HI 96779
(808) 579-6323

Cafe Des Amis is a must-do while visiting Maui. They’re located right on Baldwin Avenue in Paia with a great outdoor area and cozy ambiance. The service is friendly and quick, the prices low in comparison to other Maui restaurants, and the food delicious.

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Cafe Des Amis Maui Restaurant


Cafe Des Amis specializes in crepes, both savory and sweet. They also have curry dishes and fantastic hummus. If you want something to drink, they can whip up all kinds of smoothies made with fresh tropical fruits.

A couple of our favorite dishes are the chicken, avocado, pesto, and mozzarella cheese crepe as well as the brie, apple, and avocado crepe. All crepes come with a small side salad with homemade dressing as well as sour cream.

For the sweet-toothed, they have a Nutella crepe as well as a delicious sugar cane and lemon crepe. These are great for sharing after your meal.

Cafe Des Amis Maui Food


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Cafe Des Amis has some very interesting art too. Paper mache 3D paintings line the walls inside. They add to the funky, colorful ambiance of the cafe.

They are open for both Lunch and Dinner. Inside they have a couple of long benches that work well for larger parties, though the place is pretty small. Outside has a more Hawaii feel to it with bamboo and tropical plants lining the building.

Cafe Des Amis Maui Building

Whenever we make a trip to Paia, Cafe Des Amis is an important stop. Located across the street from Mana Foods, we often hit it for some food before shopping at Mana. Mana Foods is one of the best supermarkets on the island. It’s our equivalent of the mainland’s Trader Joe’s.

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I love Cafe des Amis and always have lunch there when in this part of Maui. My favorite is the crepe with chicken avocado mozzarella. My wife’s favorite is the banana chocolate crepe.


My wife and I went to Cafe des Amis at the recommendation of a local we met at a church on Maui. We found the food to be very good, but also enjoyed talking with the employees who it seemed were all transplants from the mainland. They were very friendly and gave us tips on other local things that might interest us. We’re going back to Maui later this year and plan to visit Cafe des Amis again.


Visited Cafe des Amis last week for lunch on our way from Kihei to Hana. Great place to stop! The crepes are really satisfying and nicely made with fresh ingredients. As soon as we entered the restaurant there was a wonderful curry scent. My husband ordered one of the curry wraps which was delicious, not to mention big! My daughter is still raving about her lentil, pesto, and tomato crepe. And my crepe filled with brie, avocado, and apple was simply wonderful. We highly recommend this charming place!


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