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It’s been almost 4 years since we were married in Makena, south Maui.  The event went relatively smooth, though a few small things went wrong (something every couple needs to prepare for.) Of the mistakes made, no one (other than my wife and I) really noticed.

Thankfully, we had an on-site wedding planner to help make sure the important stuff didn’t go wrong.  Making sure all your wedding vendors are on the same page is a task in itself.  That’s why we recommend having a Maui wedding planner help you with your big day.  Stress is relieved when you know someone is putting out fires for you. 

We recommend using Maui Beach Weddings and Events.  They have loads of experience and know the ins and outs of Maui’s wedding industry.  Call them at 808-298-7244 or 808-463-9288 for your small beach wedding, your huge estate event, and everything in between.  3 words come to mind when describing their coordinators: Professional, organized, and fun.

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