The Connection Between Washington State and Hawaii


Many people who are familiar with both the state of Hawaii and Washington State have noticed the constant back and forth between residences of both these beautiful places.

At first glance, the two couldn’t seem different from each other in both their geography and their cultural, but perhaps there are some connections or similarities that form this unmistakable bond. These bonds are in both the culture and lifestyle that make both of these States feel like home for so many people.


Hawaii Culture

Hawaii is known for its laid-back lifestyle as well as its dedication to the preservation of this culture. They have a deep understanding and love for their own history, the place they live, as well as the people they interact with on a daily basis. This is best expressed through the philosophy of aloha which is mostly known as a simple greeting and farewell, but it has far deeper meaning such as the spirit of mutual love and respect. They have an extensive history of art, music, and dance, both traditional and non-traditional, which has formed a large part of their culture.

The agriculture has also had its influence on Hawaii and her culture. It has a deep and rich history of agricultural development. Hawaii was initially started as a plantation soon after being discovered, and a place for the agricultural experimentation of Francisco de Paula Marin. Starting during the colonization, many fruits and crops were introduced to Hawaii such as peaches, oranges, and sugar cane. Hawaii however, is best known for her loved pineapples. This has had an effect on local cuisine, which then, in turn, became a large part of her culture.

Washington State Culture

Washington State has many similarities when it comes to culture with Hawaii, as well as having its own distinct flavor the locals have a way of doing things that is unique. Washingtonians are friendly and helpful to anyone they interact with, but share in the dedication to their history and culture as well as the States cultural preservation.

Washingtonians are known to be fiercely independent and once their mind is made up its near impossible to change. In the same breath, they are very open to alternative lifestyles and cultures. The city of Seattle, in particular, is seen as a melting pot of various people and their cultures. It has its rough edges, but upon further inspection, there is a refined layer of sophistication underlying in the overall culture in Seattle.

Washington is also an agricultural State and farming is a big part of the State as a whole especially when it comes to the desire for local produce and her economy. Harvest time is usually a very important time of year for Washingtonians and finishes in many local State fares and celebrations where Washington citizens come together to compare and judge the year’s crops with beloved competitions.


Hawaii Weather FourSeasons

Both Hawaii and Washington share in having above-average temperatures for most of the year as well as both having rainfall that may fall in one place while not affecting another.

Washington State Weather Portland

This is where the many of the similarities in the weather probably end if we are honest. The temperature in Hawaii, is more constant than the temperature in Washington which will change more because of the State’s natural ecosystem. The same could be said of the humidity and rainfall, in Hawaii there is higher humidity and more frequent light showers, with the occasional short-lived heavy rainfall, whereas in Washington, the rainfall is even more varied as its temperate zones range from coastal environments to semi-arid.

Scenery and Beauty

hawaii beauty

Both Hawaii and Washington have breathtaking natural scenery and beautiful natural landscapes. They both have volcanoes and amazing views of the ocean and are rich with then plant life and natural wildlife. They are also home to many natural reserves and parks which work to conserve the beauty of the natural landscape of these two States. They do however have their differences that make them unique.

Hawaii has a wide range of scenic spots to enjoy and take in, such as the sea cliffs of Molokai, a wall of rock, and lush, green vegetation separating the land from the sea and creating a beautiful contrast between the water and the rock formations. Many of the water surrounding Hawaii are crystal clear and provide an amazing view of the coastline with a variety of official parks and reserves that protect the natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

There are many people who choose to go camping in Hawaii so they can get closer to the natural beauty that fills the islands. Natural treasures such as the bamboo forest of Haleakala Nation Park, the Wailua falls, or the Kilauea volcano on the big island.

Washington State Scenery Beauty

Washington also has its fair share of beautiful scenery and locations. There is a wide variety of national parks to take in the natural beauty of the State. The views range from the State’s rolling hills inhabited by a unique selection of wildlife, shrubs, and other plants special to the State. The snowy mountains where the peaks give a view of the unspoiled white and gray landscape undisturbed by civilization is a view which the Washington State holds as a treasure.

Washington, as mentioned before is also a coastal State and has many beaches with amazing scenes of the sunset that can’t be beaten anywhere in the world. The best place the view the setting sun is in the Cape of Disappointment National Park.

Both Hawaii and Washington share a culture of openness and acceptance, there is an unmistakable air of respect that isn’t always present in other places in the United States or even the world. Both of their cultures are flexible but determined to keep their traditions alive, and both States also have a great level of commitment to preserving the natural beauty of their landscapes and environments. They have an unspoken relationship with each other where the people of these two States feel at home whether they are visiting or moving.

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