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Hawaii is known for it's exotic and entertaining luaus. Maui leads all of the islands in its number and quality of luau festivities. A Maui luau is a traditional Hawaiian/Polynesian feast accompanied by a live performance of dancing, music, and spectacles. You can also check out the 5 Best Maui Luaus.

Grand Wailea Luau 'Aha'aina (formerly Honua'ula)

Grand Wailea Luau

Another of our favorite Maui luaus, the Honua'ula Luau at the Grand Wailea offers one of the most "Maui Style" luaus on the island. With a focus on local history, legends and culture, you can be sure you're getting a taste of Maui, Hawaii. This is one of the best shows, in our opinion. The music was beautiful, dancing authentic, and fire dancing impressive! These guys aren't afraid to take chances on the stage, which makes for a very entertaining spectacle. AND, you can't really beat the location in front of Wailea Beach. Click below for the best priced Grand Wailea luau tickets.


Reviews and Discounts: Grand Luau Reviews Grand Luau tickets


Royal Lahaina Luau The Myths of Maui Luau

Royal Lahaina Luau

"In 2009 we attended the Royal Lahaina Luau. We arrived for the show and it started to rain pretty hard so they handed out ponchos. We felt that since we had paid $90.00 each for the dinner and show we didn't want to sit in the rain. We asked if we could reschedule for a different night and they allowed it. We enjoyed ourselves but the food wasn't very good. The show was excellent and the mc was very funny and kept the show going. We didn't like that we were all crammed into long tables coming straight out from the stage and had to look left or right for the whole show as we couldn't look directly at the stage. The staff weren't very friendly or helpful and it really felt like we were being herded. Once we were seated there was very little interaction between the staff and guests. Overall enjoyable but not our first choice for luau's."

Joanne & Jon


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Andaz Luau Feast at Mokapu

Andaz Luau Maui

Only available twice a week, the Andaz is an upscale Maui luau with table service instead of a buffet. The food is spectacular, which makes the additional ticket cost worth it. You're served over a dozen dishes family-style as you watch one of the best shows on Maui. The views of sunset over the water, behind the performers, makes this location one of the best of any Maui luau.


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The Beach Club Luau at Kapalua Bay (Montage)

Beach Club Luau Maui

The Beach Club Luau at the Montage Kapalua Bay provides one of the most authentic, intimate luau experiences on the island. While many luaus on Maui welcome up to 300 guests, the Beach Club Luau stands in stark contrast, with guest lists topping out between 30-40. As a result, all guests are treated to front-row views of the top-notch Polynesian entertainment, a stunning sunset, and the oceanfront at Kapalua Bay. Festivities kick off with a complimentary welcome Mai Tai for all guests 21+, followed by a three-course plated meal featuring traditional Hawaiian fares sourced from Maui Nui. Between the upscale yet traditional cuisine, personalized service, dazzling entertainment, and stunning beachfront setting, the Beach Club Luau at the Montage is among the top-ranking Maui luaus.


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Wailea Marriott Luau Te Au Moana

Wailea Marriott Luau

We've done this Maui luau more than most because we love it so much and the location is so convenient. Their show is fantastic and is set against a backdrop of ocean and sunset. Their luau feast is incredible, and their crafts impressive. We love the grounds and the friendly service. Hit the button below for the best priced Wailea luau tickets.


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Sheraton Luau Maui Nui Luau at Black Rock

Sheraton Luau Maui

Of all the luau grounds, the Sheraton has one of the best kept and most intimate. With views of the ocean and Black Rock during sunset, we love this spot. The luau feast is epic and the show entertaining. The Maui Nui Luau offers a great fire dancing show too. If you're staying in Ka'anapali, The Sheraton luau or the Hyatt are the best (in our opinion.) Click below for the best priced Maui luau tickets.


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Hyatt Luau Drums of the Pacific

Hyatt luau Maui

Having experienced most all the luaus on Maui, this is one of our top two. The Hyatt Luau (Drums of the Pacific) incorporates Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand, and Rarotonga in its dance, music and food. We love their fire-knife dancing and quality drinks. For those that are here for the food, experience an authentic imu ceremony where succulent pig is unearthed after having slowly cooked under ground. They also have an incredible location with just a few steps to Kaanapali beach where the sunset views are stunning!


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Feast at Lele Luau

Feast at Lele Luau

Deemed the most romantic luau in Maui, the Feast at Lele Luau has everything you could want. Located in the heart of Lahaina Town, this feast is one of the only luaus being served at your table. Where other luaus send you to the buffet line, table service allows you more time to enjoy the show and sunset over the water. 5 courses include roasted Kalua pork from the Imu. Their show is a ton of fun and the atmosphere has been known to inspire engagements!


Reviews and Information: Feast at Lele Reviews Feast at Lele Information


Old Lahaina Luau

Old Lahaina Luau

"I went to the Old Lahaina Luau 2 years ago and it was a ton of fun, I learned to hula, and the food was fun and the entertainers were great too! Would definitely recommend however that is the only luau i've been to, and Ii hear Feast at Lele is amazing...."


This luau is often booked up a month or two in advance. We suggest trying a different Maui luau, since we have some that are as good if not better than the Old Lahaina Luau. Call (808) 670-1061 for suggestions.


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Westin Luau Wailele Polynesian Luau

Westin Luau

"The best Maui Luau I have ever been to was at the Westin in Kaanapali. While waiting for the doors to open the wait staff was walking around serving drinks to those in line. When you first walk in a photographer is waiting to take a group picture of everyone in your party, which is always hard to get. All the tables had a perfect view of the show which was spectacular, the fire dancers, the hula dancing everything was wonderful, you could tell you were watching professionals. The back drop of the show was the beautiful ocean, with the waves crashing behind the dancers it was a beautiful sight. The food was also amazing and plenty of it from the main course to desert! One of the most wonderful things was before the show started the mc of the event honored all the newly weds and couples celebrating anniversaries, from those married a day to those married 50 years. At the end of the evening the dancers came to greet everyone and allow pictures to be taken. The entire staff was very helpful and gracious. We had such a good time that when we return in September we are going again."



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Kaanapali Beach Hotel Luau Legends of Ka'anapali

Kaanapali Beach Hotel Luau

"I have not had the full experience of going to a Luau because of our budget. We stay at the Kaanapali Beach Hotel when we go to Maui. They started to offer the Luau's right on the beach so I got to watch the Luau from the pool side. It was a real nice treat just to be able to watch such great performers right at sunset. Some day I will get to experience the full Luau. Mahalo!"




Maui Luau Discounts

Maui LuausTo get the best Maui luau prices, you can go through Activity Authority. They can save you quite a lot of money off of the original ticket price. If you book more than one activity with them, you can often get even lower prices. They offer realtime availability for all activities they offer, which is pretty unique. Check out more activities in Maui.

The luau feast usually involves the unearthing of the Imu. Traditionally, a whole pig is prepared and buried in the earth with banana leaves and hot coals. After slow roasting the pig, they unbury it and serve the pork with many other authentic Hawaiian foods. Poi, a Hawaii staple made from taro, is often part of the Hawaiian feast as well as beef, and chicken. If you're looking for a vegetarian luau in Hawaii, don't worry. All of Maui's luaus offer a wide choice of vegetarian dishes.

The Luau show encompasses a variety of acts with cultural narratives to guide you through the history of Polynesian travels to our islands. Along with hula dancing and great music, the shows all feature their own twist to entertain you. Some have Cirque du Soleil style acrobatics in the trees, others offer multiple fire dancers. You'll find most of the luaus on Maui have fire dancing. This is something not to be missed as professionals dazzle the crowd with fire knife twirling exhibitions.

Generally, a Maui luau is something you don't want to miss out on when visiting the island. The prices vary but are reasonable for what you get. On the South side of Maui, we suggest the Wailea Marriott Luau. On the West side of Maui, we suggest the Hyatt Luau, which is regarded as one of the best Maui Luaus. If you're on a budget, check out the Kaanapali Beach Luau. This luau is especially designed for families and kids. The Feast at Lele is hailed as being the most romantic of the Maui luaus making it great for newlyweds or any couple looking for romance.

A Maui vacation isn't complete without some culture from the Hawaiian Islands. And what better way to receive it than with a large meal, open bar, awe-inspiring sunset, and a great show?



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Best Maui Luaus
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