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Enjoy the following reviews of the Old Lahaina Luau in Lahaina, Maui.  Here you can find more in-depth information about the Old Lahaina luau.

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The following are Old Lahaina Luau reviews submitted to us by our Maui Facebook fans.

“I’ve been 8 times!”

I’ve been taking friends and family to the Old Lahaina Luau for years now. It’s always beautiful and the hosts/performers are always more than accommodating. I’ve experienced all of the Luau’s on Maui, and the Old Lahaina is by far my favorite; the food seems fresher, the performances livelier and the flow of the show makes more sense, and the servers are always smiling and do a great job, I can imagine how much all the tourists get on their nerves! lol

My last time there, however, was my best! We took 3 of our friends for their first time experience and booked us a table up front with the traditional seating. We sat with 3 people from one of the cruise ships. The 3 people sitting with us were a bit older. Within minutes, they realized that they were very uncomfortable sitting on the ground. Our server, and I wish I could remember his name, said he would take care of them. He found them 3 spots at a table with chairs. This gave us a table for 8 to ourselves, room to spread out a little on the cushions and enjoy the show, not to mention a few extra dessert bites to split among ourselves!

After about my 3rd visit to the Old Lahaina Luau, I figured I would start getting bored with the show and the food, but I’ve found over the years, and I’ve gone at least 8 times, that I’m not once bored or uninterested. From the greeting I get at the gate with a Lei and a Mai Tai in my hand to the anticipation of my table being called for the food line, I enjoy every visit just as much as my very first time!!

~Michael – (Winner of review contest)

Old Lahaina Luau Show

“True Hawaiian Luau Experience!”

We would highly recommend the Old Lahaina Luau to anyone taking a trip to Maui and looking for a true Hawaiian Luau experience. We went to the Old Lahaina Luau for our two-year anniversary on our trip to Maui.

As soon as you walk in you are greeted with a fresh lei and Mai Tai. The ladies get a fresh flower in their hair. The setting is gorgeous right on the water. There are all sorts of activities you can walk around and do as you are drinking your Mai Tai. I would recommend the traditional seating, which means you are sitting on the floor, but you get the best front row seats. Our waiter was great, he called us his “family” and kept asking how his family was doing. He was very attentive and kept our drinks filled throughout the show.

The food was amazing! Of course, the pig was the highlight. The show was great! The show started with a perfect Maui sunset as the backdrop, which made for awesome pictures. At the end of the show, they recognized all anniversaries, birthdays and anyone celebrating a special occasion. They did a special dance for anyone celebrating an anniversary while the band played a traditional Hawaiian love song. (It was romantic dancing to Hawaiian music right on the water, under the moon!)

At the end, they passed out individual “to go” loaves of banana bread from Leoda’s kitchen and pie shop, which is delicious!! Overall it was an awesome experience, I would recommend getting tickets online (you get a discount) they sell out early. Also the sooner you buy them the better seats you get. Try the Lava Flow while you are there and enjoy!


Luau Food

“The venue was gorgeous”

We went to the Old Lahaina Luau and enjoyed every minute of it. We had fabulous service by a very nice and welcoming waiter. The venue was gorgeous! We walked around and watched the crafts and bought a pretty wood turtle sculpture that we watched him carve (remember to bring cash.)

Get a good spot at the pit where the pigs were cooked in. Watching as they removed the pigs from the sandpit for serving it is so much fun!

The luau show was very authentic and entertaining. We sat on the ground right in front. There are many great costume changes and the hula dancing is very professional. The dancers are amazing and will keep you entertained. I did miss the fire show. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who goes to Maui.

~Jeremy & Alison

“Personalized Birthdays!”

The only Luau that we have ever done is The Old Lahaina Luau! It is by far the best luau on the island! We have recommended this luau to many many other visitors to Maui & they ALL agree! The real flower lei is a wonderful touch & 1 of my favorite parts of this luau. The food is fantastic, the drinks are fantastic & the entertainment is second to none!! We have done this luau on my daughter’s birthday & the menu had Happy Birthday & her name on it & made a wonderful keepsake & to this day we still have it in a photo album. If you are going to do just 1 luau then The Old Lahaina Luau is it!!


Old Lahaina Luau Plumeria

“Ran out of food!”

Unfortunately, our Family visit has negative reviews… I am a retired Air Force member with multiple deployments and now working as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan… For months, the family had been planning activities in Maui for my short R&R visit. The luau performance turned out great but, the lack of hosting food changed the atmosphere. Yes, we turned out to be one of the last tables to funnel through the Buffett style food line, only to find empty food trays and that other individuals ahead of us from other tables were on their second servings… No host was available to oversee this fiasco… Visiting Da Kitchen restaurant on my way to the airport turned out fabulous and highly recommended… If the Luau only had the food service that Da Kitchen provides, it would overturn my recommendation.


“A definite DO-AGAIN”

The Old Lahaina luau was hereby the best luau I have attended. The cuisine is very traditional Hawaiian along with the the attire of the workers. The Imu-cooked pig was amazing as were the different island drinks. The woven jewelry and baskets were also points of interest that were definitely worth the $5 or $10 they cost. The hula dancing was very entertaining and the waiters were all very kind. It’s a definite do again.


Old Lahaina Luau Site

“Mai tais need help”

We went to Old Lahaina back in June of this year – it was the best experience. Our kids liked it and we liked it! The entertainment was the best we’ve seen. The only thing that could be improved were the drinks – not the best Mai Tai’s we’ve had, but with some work, they could be better. The food was good and plentiful. I’d go again…


“Imported luau”

While I was in Maui (only 2 days, but that’s all it took to fall in love) I was not privileged to attend a luau. But that does not mean that I have not been to a Maui luau. Last year was a bad year for me – my mother on the other side of the country was quite ill and I spent the year crisscrossing the country. While I was home one time I found out about a local foodie heaven place, Zingerman’s, importing the Old Lahaina Luau to come to Ann Arbor, MI. They brought several cooks, a singer, a few hula girls, lei’s, kalua pork….it was the brightest spot in my year. Now I am eager to return to Maui for the full luau!


“Where strangers quickly become ohana”

In 2010 we returned to Maui and went to the Old Lahaina Luau. We were told it is the best in Hawaii. The atmosphere, staff, food, and drinks were excellent. Upon arrival, we were all given beautiful flower leis. The staff were very friendly and courteous and explained the various stations set up around for us to view and have our photos taken.

When we purchased the tickets we were assigned seats and we were seated at a table with 6 others. All strangers to us but we had a wonderful time getting to know each other and enjoying the show. We were assigned a server for the night and he was very funny, entertaining, and helpful in providing info and direction. He led us to the buffet area when it was time to eat, ensured we had everything we needed, and attended to all our needs throughout the night! It was an excellent evening and we had a wonderful time.

We were pleasantly surprised at how affordable the photos were to purchase at the end of the evening. There were also some local items to purchase if people were interested. We highly recommend this luau to anyone going to Maui, you are treated like a special guest and valued, almost like you are being invited into a private home to share a Hawaiian experience. Aloha!

~Joanna & John

Lahaina Evening

“No Ka Oi!”

After attending the Old Lahaina Luau many times I have to say that this luau must be LUAU No Ka Oi! Food, Dancing, Music, Sunset, Hospitality…just can’t be beat! If you are looking for a luau on a budget then I suggest going to Aloha Mixed Plate for dinner during the Old Lahaina Luau :). Although not a luau, you still get similar luau food and hospitality, can listen to the luau music, watch the same sunset, and feel the energy of the luau next door! Enjoy!


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