Best Maui Sunset Ever!


crazy sunsetEvery once in a while, you have one of “those” sunsets.  The kind of Maui sunset that you NEVER forget.  Well, we took a trip up to Poli Poli (one of many trips we’ve enjoyed Upcountry Maui), and we had the sunset of our lives!  4 of us enjoyed an incredibly long and impressive sunset display.

It was especially good because it was one of our birthdays.  We sat along the cliffs and watched the sun melt into the water.  It exploded like we never thought it could.  After having witnessed thousands of remarkable sunsets, this one took the cake.  These photos were taken with an amateur camera, but one of us had better shots.  We’ll see if she’ll share those with us soon.  When she does, this is where you’ll see the pictures first.

 We hope you like these photos.  ALOHA!


best sunset ever

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