Royal Lahaina Resort Luau


Experiencing an authentic luau should be on everyone’s bucket list when coming to Hawaii. The food, hula dancing, and vibrant atmosphere can’t be found anywhere else! Personally, I’ve been to quite a few luau shows in my day, but what makes the Royal Lahaina Resort’s show, Myths of Maui, stand out is how welcomed and captivated you feel from the second you step inside.

Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a shell lei and tropical drink before being shown to our seats. Having arrived early, we got to explore the luau grounds as we waited for the show to start. The Royal Lahaina Resort is set right upon Kaanapali beach and we were just blown away by how beautiful this beach was. With crystal blue waters and a seemingly endless shoreline, it’s definitely the perfect backdrop to the show.

Luau Feast

After blessing the food in Hawaiian fashion, we went up to the all-you-care-to-eat buffet and began the luau feast. The menu consisted of: green salad, lomi lomi salmon, poi, kalua pork, macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi, huli huli chicken, teriyaki beef, haupia, chocolate cake and so much more. I loved how they had a mix of Hawaiian food and some American dishes as well to appeal to everyone’s tastes. They also serve the island’s only keiki buffet, with a spread of chicken nuggets, hot dogs and potato chips. Included with your ticket purchase cocktails are offered all night long as well as non-alcoholic tropical drinks for the kids. We were so full after eating all the food, we were happy to sit back and relax as the show began.

Myths of Maui Show

The show finally began with the master of ceremony welcoming everyone with a warm “Aloooooooha!!” They then welcomed anyone from the audience who wanted to learn how to dance hula. We weren’t brave enough to get up on stage, but it was cute watching the little kids shake their hips. The show continued on with various hula performances done by the beautiful dancers. What I really enjoyed was that the host explained the history behind each dance and the legend it told– sounds a little boring but I promise you it wasn’t! We learned some Hawaiian history through the magical myths of Maui he shared– hence the name of the show. It really felt like we were going on a journey through the Pacific. From the graceful hula to the energetic Tahitian and breathtaking fire dance, we were hooked throughout the whole show.

Of course no luau is complete without an exciting fire-knife dance, and this one sure did not disappoint. The Samoan fire-knife dance finale was definitely the biggest hit with the guests and the perfect way to close out the show. Everyone was on the edge of their seats snapping pictures and videos throughout the whole performance.


Overall, my experience at the Royal Lahaina Resort’s luau, Myths of Maui was truly memorable. With an affordable price and family friendly setting, it’s definitely a great addition to any Maui vacation. There’s so many things to love about this luau– it gives new meaning to “dinner and a show!” Book your Royal Lahaina Luau tickets now!

By Guest Author Lia Ikeda

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  1. They must have known you were coming because the food didn’t look like that last Saturday! They also have slow check in and seating process Food was good but the “all you can eat buffet” started disappearing shortly after everyone got their first plate. The thing that made us really mad is 1 paid admission = 1 free photo. Unfortunately there is NO way to choose your seats so friends who want to sit together must do so with 1 reservation. We each paid our own admission but they would only give us free 1 picture instead of 5! Manager was VERY rude when we tried to discuss it with him. Told us he’s in charge and there’s nothing we can do about it 🙁

    • Wow! That’s awful. We’re so sorry to hear that. Did you send this to them as well? They should know about your experience. We rarely hear bad reviews like this.


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