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Maui Heart Rock


We all want to bring home vacation pictures that make our memories even more exceptional than the actual experience, and understandably so!  You’ve just come home from a tropical paradise and bragging rights are expected!  Take a few lessons from this sexy couple before you pack for your next island adventure


1.  Packing comfortably doesn’t mean your lightweight sweats.

When coming to Maui, you want to enjoy how you look the clothes that you pack!  Pick outfits that you feel happy in.  Don’t attempt wedges if that’s not your usual attire, and don’t try to squeeze into a pair of jeans that didn’t fit you before you got on the plane.  The name of the game is light and airy.  Enter example number one:Sexy Couple's Vacation Outfits


2.  It isn’t all about you.

Some people take so many selfies, they end up with pages of nothing other than their own smug mug.  Remember that you decided on Maui for something other than how you’d look with a tan.  Take in the surrounding sites.  And venture off the beaten path!  Some of the most amazing sites are the ones that aren’t in the guidebook!  Sexy Couple's Maui Vacation


3.  Don’t Cap Your Potential.

Unless style is your forte, most people stick to the usual baseball hat and trustworthy visor.  If you want your photos to express the sexy side of your stay in paradise, then stretch yourself beyond the regular ho-hum head-gear.  Flowers, big ol’ Kentucky derby hats or a wicked headband will do the trick.

Sexy Headpieces


4.  Adventure Beyond the Shore.

Bring a pair of tennis shoes, a swimsuit you can actually swim in and an excited sense of the unknown.  Your lounge chair will still be there when you get back from your trip on the wild side.  This island has some of the most stunning hikes and secret swimming holes you’ll ever come across.  Sweating is definitely sexy in utopia.

Sexy and Active


5.  Leave Your Conventional Ways at the Door.

When you’re silly, it’s been scientifically proved to increase your sexiness by 340%.  This fact can’t be backed by any actual data, however, these pictures show how unconventional photos keep the sexiness lighthearted.  And who doesn’t love the feel of being lighthearted?


Funny Sexy Vacation

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing the lawn.  Climb that goddamm mountain.” -Jack Kerouac

You deserve to have the vacation and photographs of your wildest fantasies without apology or reason.  Make this trip one for the books.  And watch out for the magic that will sneak in while you were busy having fun.

Sexy Rainbow

all photo credit goes to Big Bear Photo.

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