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No Maui vacation is complete without taking to the skies. Viewing the Valley Isle from above is the best way to truly get a feel for the island’s dramatic landscape, discover secret waterfalls, and peer into untouched valleys. While most people opt for a helicopter tour, Fly Maui is now offering an exciting, hands-on opportunity for both visitors and locals alike to learn how to fly a plane with their Discovery Flight experience.

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Owners John and Leslie Caubble are both seasoned and passionate private pilots who wanted to offer the thrill of flying to just about anyone. Thus, Fly Maui was born. With Fly Maui’s Discovery Flight, students will receive their first lesson of flight school and take a 50-60 minute flight around the island, complete with a local flight instructor.

After a short FAA safety briefing, the lesson begins. Not only are Fly Maui’s flight instructors FAA certified, but they are excellent, knowledgable teachers who set their students up for success. On the ground, students will learn the ins and outs of air traffic control lingo, little known facts about Kahului Airport, and they will even get to practice steering the plane as they make their way to the runway!

Maui airplane flights

Then the real fun begins- takeoff. Although it may seem a little daunting, with the help of the flight instructor students will actually get to take off the plane! Once in the sky, students will begin to relax a little as they get the feel for steering and adjusting altitude, although, the view of Maui below may be a little distracting…

After getting the feel for things, it’s all about taking in the sights and of course, snapping lots of photos! The island’s untouched terrain is what makes air activities so enticing on Maui. With towering mountains revealing cavernous valleys, misty waterfalls pouring into the sea, and miles of dense, unexplored rainforest, experiencing Maui from above is the only way to discover the island’s otherwise hidden gems- and fill your phone with enough photos to last a lifetime. During whale season, you may even be able to catch a glimpse of humpback whales playing in the ocean below!

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There are several smaller airports in Maui County. Here, students will observe a touch and go, before heading back to OGG. For the remainder of the flight, students can practice turning and getting the feel for being in control of the plane. Nearing Kahului Airport, the flight instructor will take control and bring the Cessna in for a landing at what is known as the windiest airport in the United States.

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What makes Fly Maui so unique is that they take what is an already unbelievable experience of seeing Maui from above, and turn it into an unforgettable accomplishment! Whether you’re thinking about becoming a pilot or not, Fly Maui’s Discovery Flight is a great way to see the island and take part in a remarkable experience. In addition to the Discovery Flight, Fly Maui also offers up a handful of other services, such as flight school and plane rental for seasoned pilots.

As passionate pilots, owners John and Leslie are lovers of all things aviation. They run a podcast that features all sorts of interesting aviation stories, such as how to survive a plane crash, or what it’s like to be a female hurricane hunter for NOAA, as well as tips for student pilots or those interested in flight school.

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In true entrepreneur fashion, John and Leslie also own several other successful Maui businesses. If flying doesn’t really seem like you’re thing, you can still take to the air at the Ultimate Air Trampoline Park in Maui Lani. If you’re considering driving the road to Hana, check out John and Leslie’s informative road to Hana guide: The R2H.

Ultimately, soaring above the Valley Isle is unforgettable- learning to fly a plane while you’re at it is a different experience entirely. If you’re interested in Fly Maui’s Discovery Flight or any other services they provide, Learn More at Fly Maui. See you in the sky!


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