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Have you ever seen a pineapple grow? Chances are, no. Maui Pineapple Tours offers the only tour in America of a working pineapple plantation.

This original rustic throwback to a bygone era allows visitors a glimpse into an important part of Maui history. The plantation is nestled in the tiny town of Haliʻimaile in Maui’s lush upcountry. This eco-friendly farm offers bi-coastal views, light trade winds, and best of all, your very own fresh pineapple as a souvenir.

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Take this one-of-a-kind tour and see the various growing cycles and cultivation methods involved in the production of this uniquely sweet fruit. Guests are given fresh samples along the way to experience the nuances of the pineapple’s flavors during its different stages of maturation. The tour is family-friendly and peppered with local history about Maui’s plantation heritage and fun facts about the famous pineapples that grow on Maui.

Maui Pineapple Tours Experience

You won’t find this in the store!”, the guides proclaim as they offer guests samples cut right out of the field, fresh and sweetened to absolute perfection in the Maui sun.

2 tours – 7 days a week
9:30 – 11 and 11:45 – 1:15

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