What are some fun and inexpensive activities to do in Maui, Hawaii?


Besides the obvious sun worshipping activities enjoyed on Maui beaches every day, there are many free if not inexpensive things to do in Maui.

Hiking to a waterfall will cost you next to nothing for an unforgettable experience. Gas, a packed lunch, a guidebook, and a sense of adventure are all you need to explore bamboo forests, towering waterfalls, and lush coastal areas. Caution: Do not swim directly under a waterfall. Often debris will float over the edge and can harm those below.

Snorkeling is another inexpensive favorite. Gear rentals can be found all over the island for a few bucks. Shore access to a plethora of ocean life is free and easy to find. Honolua Bay on a calm day is a favorite. But be careful! If there is swell activity, do not go out! The ocean is very dangerous; we suggest speaking to a professional at a snorkel shop to find the safest snorkeling area for your experience level.

Rent a surfboard or take a surf lesson. The surf in Maui is usually pretty small on the South and West sides of the island. Lessons can be found for less than $50, which includes equipment and instructions. If you’re more adventurous, you can rent a surfboard.

Again, be careful! Lessons are highly suggested for newcomers. The ocean has many hidden dangers.

Maui has many incredible activities available, both inexpensive and costly. Take your time researching all of your options, and you may just find that Maui is less expensive to visit than previously anticipated.

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