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Maui Tropical Plantation

Maui Tropical Plantation is the ultimate go-to spot for superb entertainment, excellent eats, great shopping, uber-fun activities, and magical scenery. No matter your age or interest, this gorgeous plantation is sure to turn your Maui day into an unforgettable experience, whether that’s found 900 feet in the air on one of the plantation’s ziplines or in diving into a bowl of coconut-pineapple ice cream in the sunshine.

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Things to do at the Plantation

Maui Zipline

Traveling with keiki? Maui Tropical Plantation has just the right sport for them—and you. Maui Zipline is accessible to children as young as 5 and adults as mature as 88, rendering it the perfect ride for nearly everyone of any age. With side-by-side tours that transport guests 300 to 900 feet in the air, Maui Zipline provides breathtaking aerial views of Waikapū and Central Maui’s rugged—and striking—coastline.


The Mill House

The Mill House Restaurant became famous as one of the top 3 restaurants in the State of Hawaii when Chef Jeff Scheer ran things.  Since then, Cafe O’Lei has taken over, and though it’s not what it was, the food is still good.  The ambiance hasn’t changed at all, which makes it worth visiting by itself.  

Mill House Restaurant


Tropical Express Tour

Maui Tropical Plantation’s 40-minute Tropical Express Tour is all about showcasing and sharing paradise. It’s a great way to see over 40 show crops as well as watch a coconut husking demonstration. The tour offers visitors an overview of Hawaii’s famous fruits and plants. Cruise through parts of the Plantation accessible only to passengers aboard the Tropical Express Tour.

Plantation Tram Tour


The Scoop

Hot days practically demand an icy treat. Whether it’s a fresh fruit smoothie or a cup of luscious mango ice cream, The Scoop has it all in terms of cool indulgences. Open daily from 10 am to 4 pm, it’s an ideal place to cool down—and sweeten up—after a tour of the plantation.


Kumu Farms

Located on the grounds of the plantation, Kumu Farms harvests 60 acres of land to harvest everything from mint and macadamias to guava and sage. Home to the renowned, non-GMO Sunrise Papaya, Kumu’s welcoming kiosk—which is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm—was named one of the best farm stands in the U.S. by Rodale’s Organic Life magazine. Pop in to pick up a Maui Gold pineapple to take back home—or a gourmet treat to savor on the beach.

Kumu Farms



The gift shops at Maui Tropical Plantation have plenty to offer. The Plantation Store showcases a wide variety of tropically-inspired items (think: aloha shirts, coconut candy, and Maui-made accessories), while Maui Oma produces pounds of aromatic plantation-grown coffee, Maui coffee, and delicious blends. Keen on trying papaya picked at optimal ripeness?  Kumu Farms offers their delicious, fresh organic produce.


Maui Tropical Plantation Map