Road to Hana Car Sickness


It very well may be.  If someone in your group gets car sick, you may want to take your own car so that you can turn around if it gets bad.
Some of our friends also get car sick on the road to Hana.  Here are a few things we do:
  1. Bring Ginger Ale.  Ginger is a miracle root for nausea.  I’ve actually seen people suck on a chunk of fresh ginger root.
  2. Take anti-nausea pills.  Go to the drug store and grab some Dramamine.
  3. Make frequent stops.  You’ll want to stop anyways to check out the view.
  4. Get a convertible.  We love the open air of Jeeps.
If you’re on a coach tour, you might not have the luxury of stopping everyone or turning back.  Also, remember that you don’t need to do the WHOLE road to Hana to get a feel for it and to enjoy some waterfalls.  Stop and turn back when you want to with your own vehicle.
What if someone in your group gets car sick? You may want to take care of them and offer a ride back. Here are some tips:
-Bring ginger ale or anti nausea pills so they don’t have an unpleasant experience on the road; Dramamine can also be helpful for those who need it (but remember not everyone will react well). Make frequent stops when driving through areas with scenic views, as you’ll definitely want stop anyways just check out what’s happening behind/in front
I hope that helps, Tina.

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