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Twin Falls & Wailele Farm

Access to some of the first waterfalls at Twin Falls is provided to the public for free by Wailele Farm, Maui. Guided hiking tours to private kama'aina waterfalls are also available.

Wailele MauiWailele Farm & Twin Falls

The Waterfalls:

The waterfalls at Twin Falls are spectacular. Access to them is by parking at and crossing through Wailele Farm. Wailele Farm has kept access open to the public for free in order to share the beauty of this area. The Ho'olawa Valley, which translates as "to provide, to share in abundance, to equip or make available so everyone has enough", feeds the creek and waterfalls while also feeding the various crops on the farm. Take a farm tour by calling (808) 463-1274.

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A few things to watch out for:

  • Slippery Trails
  • Falling Rocks and Branches
  • Flash Flood Conditions could occur at any time
  • Use caution when walking along Hana Highway


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DO NOT PARK ON THE BRIDGE! The dirt parking lots make Twin Falls one of the easier spots to access. Though limited, and often full, these lots are available for free thanks to Wailele Farm. The further parking lot is a little more isolated, so it has more frequent break-ins. Bring your valuables with you or leave them at home. Also, be careful as you enter and exist the lots and when walking along Hana Highway. Cars are driving the road to Hana at a fast pace.


Rules & Good Karma:

  • Don't take any fruit from the land! This is a functioning farm that relies on the output of these plants.

  • Stay on the paths. Owners of the farm live on the property, so we need to allow them privacy.

  • Please contribute to the bathroom fund if you use the porta-potties. Wailele Farm has these for you, and they're not cheap to keep up.

  • Don't litter! Leave only footprints.

  • Please support the farm stand by getting a delicious fresh smoothie and buying some fruit!


Some of the photos were taken by Natalie Brown Photography.

Twin Falls Maui Video


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