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Wailua Town

Not far past the town of Keʻanae along the Hana Highway, you’ll come to the small, quaint town of Wailua. Also known for growing taro in beautiful, sprawling fields, get a better view of the town from higher up at the Wailua State Wayside Park right before mile marker 19 on the mountainside of the road. Take the stairs up for a memorable view of the mountains on one side and the taro fields on the other.

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Wailua Town Waterfalls

Farther along your drive, past Hana, and on your way to the Pools of ʻOheʻo on Honolewa Stream, you’ll come to Wailua Falls, one of the most photographed waterfalls on the whole island, due to its eighty-foot drop located directly on the side of the road. Take a dip in the pool, relax and enjoy the view! If you find yourself at Wailua Stream instead, enjoy the much less crowded Kanahualiʻi and Waihiumalu Falls.

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