Mainland Grinds – Hula’s Island Grill


We recently took a trip to the mainland to check out Santa Cruz, California.  While there, we enjoyed a meal at Hula’s Island Grill and Tiki Room.  

Expecting sub-par Hawai’ian grub so far from the islands, we we’re very surprised to find high quality delicious food.  I enjoyed the jerk slow-roasted pulled pork with fried plantains, rice, and jalapeno cornbread.  Though it was more Jamaican than Hawaiian, the pork would do any local Maui chef proud.  The other dishes we’re fantastic too.

After having been to Santa Cruz and met some of the locals there, I found out that quite a lot of their residents came from Hawaii (not unlike Las Vegas.)  Something about this little beach town attracts the Hawaiian people.  Could be the surf, the community, or the change of scenery.  Whatever it is, we get it.  Santa Cruz is pretty cool.  Though, you won’t see us leaving the beauty and warmth of Maui anytime soon.



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