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My husband and I were in Maui in September of 2008.  We borrowed a CD with music on it that was designed for the trip.  I am now looking for that CD, and was wondering if you could help me locate and purchase it.  the CD featured Marty Dread and included his version of “Just Another Day in Paradise”.  That song has become very special to my husband and me, and I would like to locate a copy of it.  Can you help me?

Aloha Melissa,

We did some research and found that it’s called “Hana Audio Tour: On The Road Again”.  We’ve yet to find anyone selling it, but we’ll keep our eye out for it.  Sorry we can’t be of more help!  Learn more about the Road to Hana.



I found it!!!  I found it yesterday at Walmart in Kahului.  You can buy it there, or maybe call Walmart and see if you can have them send a copy to the local store near you.  It was in the Hawaii souvenir section of the store. 

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