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West Maui Scuba Diving Locations

Olowalu, Lahaina, Ka Ľanapali, Kapalua, Napili, Honolua

West Maui Scuba Diving Map

Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay is a wonderful dive and snorkel spot. The best way to enter Honolua Bay for a scuba dive is through the jungle. This is private property so you may need to get permission. Don’t leave anything of value in your car, especially if it’s a rental. You’ll notice broken glass where you park due to the many break-ins. The best snorkeling is on the North side of the bay. For Scuba diving, divers will enjoy both sides of the bay. Be careful when North, Northwest, or West Swells are present. These waves can sneak up on you if you go further out.

West Maui Scuba Diving Honolua Bay

Kapalua Bay

The lava outcroppings at each end of Kapalua Bay protect divers from adverse conditions and have some great sea life. The ledges serve as a home for many different varieties of fish. Kapalua is usually less dived and a bit more difficult to access with gear from shore.

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Napili Bay

This protected shallow area has some lively reef on both sides of the bay. The North side is more interesting, but going all the way around the South side of the bay allows for some wonderful diving too. Napili Bay is mostly sandy inside with a few protruding rocks. Scuba divers are likely to see butterflyfish and large green sea turtles. There is also a large Monk Seal that sleeps on this beach. You may see him swimming to and from his napping area.

West Maui Scuba Diving Napili

Kahekili Park

Often referred to as Old Airport, Kahekili has excellent facilities for a Maui shore dive. This shallow dive will expose you to a really phenomenal reef with plenty of sea life.

Black Rock Point

The wall along Black Rock extends from the beach to a point with coral and tropical fish. Moray eels, turtles, and eagle rays have been seen at this 35-foot shallow dive spot. The area is heavily snorkeled and dived, so it’s a more crowded and less pristine dive. The scuba diving is still good, but shallow and currants are common off of the point. Be careful of the middle portion of the wall where cliff divers plunge into shallow water. This is the biggest danger of diving here. It can be a good drift dive around the point if you anticipate the current.

West Maui Scuba Diving Black Rock

Marriott Reef

Tall coral formations make this dive remarkably unique. Divers can expect to see plenty of fish and turtles that live here. The reef runs from 30 to 45 feet and is accessed easily from shore.

Canoe Beach

This shallow reef dive is located outside of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Divers can expect to see tropical fish and green sea turtles. This site is off of Kaanapali Beach which is a great place to relax after your dive.

Mala Wharf

Mala Wharf is an abandoned pier used for inter-island sugarcane transportation and then later for fishing. It is now only being used by the fish that live there and the scuba divers that visit them. With plenty of protected holes and caves for fish and other sea life to hide, this is a real gem for Maui divers. It extends to a depth of around 35 feet making it great for beginner divers.

Jodo Reef

West Maui Scuba Diving Jodo Mission

Just north of Lahaina town is a 3 leveled temple on the ocean. The Jodo Temple is an easy-to-spot landmark with a beautiful shallow reef just in front of it. Just past the surf break lies a tropical reef at a depth of 35 feet. Scuba diving this Maui site is best accessed by boat and offers some great tropical fish and turtle viewing.


Olowalu is the perfect beginner’s dive at a depth of 35 feet. On the outside, through a channel in the reef, the diving is superb with eels, eagle rays, shy octopus, and plenty of turtles. Olowalu’s coral garden extends over 50 acres of the ocean floor with large green sea turtles in abundance. This is a very popular Maui snorkeling destination, though most don’t know quite how sharky the waters are at Olowalu. The runoff from local streams and the silty inshore water brings in smaller fish. Bigger fish often follow. Though sharks pose little threat to scuba divers, it’s best to be cautious while snorkeling in this area.

West Maui Scuba Diving Olowalu

Maui SNUBA Dive Trips

For those looking for an easier alternative to scuba diving, Pride of Maui leaves from Maalaea (only 20 minutes from Lahaina Town.) Snuba diving doesn’t require any certification or experience, which allows for same-day diving! Experience the depths without the hindrance of all the heavy equipment.

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