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Lanai Snorkeling Map


Snorkeling Adventures to Lanai Island

Maui Adventure Cruises

dolphin adventureTravel to the beautiful island of Lanai on an Explorer "Super" Raft with Maui Adventure Cruises. You get to your destination quickly with an exciting ride aboard this comfortable, uncrowded vessel.

Along the way, you're likely to see spinner dolphins jumping out of the water, and even humpback whales (in season.)

An experienced captain and crew will take you snorkeling at spots with vibrant reef life. Maui Adventure Cruises also offers a Lanai Landing trip where you are able to visit the beaches and explore the island as well as snorkel off the coast.

Learn more about your upcoming Lanai Dolphin Adventures.

NEW: Maui Photography Flights

Caution: When in the ocean anywhere in Maui County, there are many dangers you should be aware of. We are not liable for any loss or damage that many occur when entering the ocean. Our suggestions come with many red flags! Be careful of waves, sharp coral reef, sharp rocks, dangerous ocean life, vessels, other people, your own ability, aliens, Loch Ness Monsters, and any and all things that could be dangerous.



Hawaii Sea Turtles

Hawaii sea turtles

Learn about the many species of sea turtle found in Hawaii.

Maui Scuba Spots

Scuba Diving

We've made custom maps and listed the best spots to scuba dive with descriptions.

Hawaiian Sharks

Hawaiian Sharks

Photos and information on the diverse species of shark found in Hawaiian waters.

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