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Shortboarding Maui

Maui Shortboarding

This is by far our favorite video since we’ve been making Maui surf videos. It was taken at Honolua Bay during the winter of 2010. The swell was huge on the North Side, and it managed to maintain some of its size on the upper North West. This video shows local Maui surfers ripping and getting barreled over and over in big Maui waves. Read more…


Maui Longboarding

Maui Longboarding

This is a great video of longboarders ripping at Honolua Bay on a good-sized day. These guys have Honolua wired and can rip these things all the way into Keiki bowls. This video was taken on the same day as the first video from the top of this page labeled Maui Big Waves. We hope you like it!


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Honolua Hiking Tours


HeleWai Tour Photos

Honolua isn’t just a surfer’s Shangri-La: It’s also a top spot for hiking. Its dramatic ridgeline is rich in cultural and ecological significance and brims with stunning flora and fauna. HeleWai Eco-Tours’ Honolua Ridgeline Hike: A Conservation Experience leads small groups into parts of the region that aren’t open to the public. There, you’ll find untouched wonders and be given inspirational, educational stories about the importance of protecting West Maui’s watershed and native forests. Another great activity at Honolua? Snorkeling! Summer’s calm waters turn the Marine District Conservation site into a snorkeler’s paradise. You’ll have the chance to see a range of aquatic gems, such as eels, turtles, coral, and fish. If scuba diving is more your thing, Honolua’s outlying waters are filled with some of the Pacific’s coolest creatures, including eagle rays and dolphins.


Maui Surf Videos Maalaea

Maʻalaea Bay Surfing

Short video of some small but fun waves in Maʻalaea Bay on Maui, Hawaii. This place rarely breaks, but when it does, it’s known as “freight trains” and is one of the fastest waves in the world. The scenery around this area is epic. There are some fun little barrels in the video.


Honolua Bay

Honolua Bay

Shot from the first look-out point just South of Honolua Bay. This was a fun overhead day with the usual masses of people out surfing. On a couple of these waves, you can see the surfer dodge multiple paddlers by mere inches. Some pretty amazing footage of some good surfing at the Bay.


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Maui Surf Videos Hookipa

Menehune Mayhem

The annual Menehune Mayhem kids surfing competition on the North Shore of Maui. Maui’s keiki aged 4 -15 compete for two days in an event that is centered around promoting surfing, sportsmanship, creativity, and environmental awareness to the youth of Maui. Here is a great video highlighting the event.

High Performance Surfing Maui

Legends of the Bay

Honolua Surf Company’s Legends of the Bay surf competition is an annual event usually held in the early part of the year. This event allows local Maui surfers to showcase their talent and knowledge of the break at Honolua Bay. Recognized as one of the best waves in the world, this event is always full of action. Check out the video below.


Big Day At Honolua Bay

Maui has some really great surf. It’s not as well known for its waves as Oahu and Kauai and for good reason. Oahu and Kauai are far more consistent. Maui has island-blocking that cuts down on our wave action. Honolua Bay is one of the best waves on the island. The only problem with this is that everyone knows it. Also, it rarely breaks. Only in large winter, North swells will this machine begin to work. The video above is a good example of a day that the swell is hitting just right at Honolua Bay, Maui.

This is filmed from the first lookout across from the bay on the Southside of Honolua, Maui. The view shows the wave from a birds-eye view on the cliffs. You can see the Point, Cave, and Keiki Bowls from this angle. This Honolua Bay Video shows a crowded day with guys narrowly missing other surfers paddling out. Some of the waves surfed here are incredible. On 2 waves especially, you’ll see surfers coming within inches of riding over paddlers. It’s really amazing to watch the confidence and skill level of these surfers.

Honolua Bay is best surfed when still glassy before the winds pick up in the afternoon. This Honolua Surf video shows a good-sized morning from this last winter with some good surfers tearing it up. For more information on surfing Honolua Bay, see our other great pages of information on surf spots, beaches, and much more. This morning was good but was sectioning a bit after the Cave. Only about half of the waves were actually connecting through to Keiki Bowls.

Maui Surf Videos Honolua Bay

This is our favorite Maui surf video to date. The waves at Honolua Bay were extra-large this day and the caliber of surfing stepped up a few notches. All of this day’s video footage was taken in less than an hour, which goes to show just how good these guys are. When Maui experiences big waves like this, it’s best to leave them to professionals. Though the wave at Honolua is almost perfect, it’s still a beast if you wipe out. People get injured every day here. So use your head before you paddle out ANYWHERE in Hawaii. The waves are heavier than most places in the world and have killed many surfers in the past.


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