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Maui has some really great surf. It’s not as well known for its waves as Oahu and Kauai and for good reason. Oahu and Kauai are far more consistent. Maui has island-blocking that cuts down on our wave action. Honolua Bay is one of the best waves on the island. The only problem with this is that everyone knows it. Also, it rarely breaks. Only in large winter North swells will this machine begin to work. The video above is a good example of a day that the swell is hitting just right at Honolua Bay, Maui.

This is filmed from the first lookout across from the bay on the South side of Honolua, Maui. The view shows the wave from a birds eye view on the cliffs. You can see the Point, Cave, and Keiki Bowls from this angle. This Honolua Bay Video shows a crowded day with guys narrowly missing other surfers paddling out. Some of the waves surfed here are incredible. On 2 waves especially, you’ll see surfers coming within inches of riding over paddlers. It’s really amazing to watch the confidence and skill level in these surfers.

Honolua Bay is best surfed when still glassy before the winds pick up in the afternoon. This Honolua Surf video shows a good sized morning from this last winter with some good surfers tearing it up. For more information on surfing Honolua Bay, see our other great pages of information on surf spots, beaches, and much more. This morning was good, but was sectioning a bit after the Cave. Only about half of the waves were actually connecting through to Keiki Bowls.

This is our favorite Maui surf video to date. The waves at Honolua Bay we’re extra large this day and the caliber of surfing stepped up a few notches. All of this day’s video footage was taken in less than an hour, which goes to show just how good these guys are. When Maui experiences big waves like this, it’s best to leave them to professionals. Though the wave at Honolua is almost perfect, it’s still a beast if you wipe out. People get injured everday that it’s good here. So use your head before you paddle out ANYWHERE in Hawaii. The waves are heavier than most places in the world and have killed many surfers in the past.

We thought we’d put all of the longboarding on a different video. These guys really know what they’re doing, able to surf some serious waves. We hope you enjoy this Maui longboarding video and share it with your friends. Aloha!

This day was fun, but crowded and beaten up. Though the guys we’re ripping this undisclosed Maui surf spot despite the conditions.

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