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Best Maui Guide Websites

Below we’ve shared some of our favorite Maui guide websites. We intend to have 10, but we’re having trouble finishing our list. Feel free to submit some others that you like.

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#1 Maui Information Guide

Can you blame us? Of course, we’re going to list our site because we honestly feel it’s one of the best Maui guide sites ever!

Visit Maui Information Guide

#2 Maui Guide

Leave your own ratings, read reviews, and find out what’s happening on Maui.  From restaurants to activities, find out all you need to know about Maui activities.

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#3 Jon’s Guide

Though the style is simple, Jon Blum has amassed loads of excellent information on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Visit Jon’s Guide

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#4 Visitor Bureau

You have to expect great content on the official Tourism Bureau site for Maui, Hawaii. They deliver.

Visit Maui Visitor Bureau

 NEW: Kapalua Guide 

#5 Maui Goodness

Though it’s a blog, this site has loads of excellent articles helpful in guiding you to all the ins and outs of Maui.

Visit Maui Goodness

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