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The following review is for Piiholo Ranch ATV Tours, which are no longer in service. BUT we gladly recommend West Maui Off-Road Adventures as an alternative.

Maui ATV Tour Review

by Chris

We began our adventure with instructions on how to run the ATVs and a brief description of what we’d be doing and where we’d be going.

After getting fitted with safety gear, we were led to the nearby testing course, which was composed of several obstacles around a small loop. Both My wife and I hadn’t been on an ATV for over a decade, so it was nice to have an opportunity to slowly practice before jumping into the full stretch.

After we felt comfortable, we began our journey. A group of 7-8 ATVs followed one another. We were warned that it hadn’t rained for some time, so we should all keep a good distance from each other to minimize dust clouds. This was the best thing that could’ve happened. This allowed us to have a great view of what was in front of us and gave us the ability to gun our ATVs. WHAT A RUSH! These things could handle ANYTHING! There were hills with large boulders that I would’ve never guessed any 4 wheel vehicle could climb. After building confidence, and knowing the ATV better with time, it was very easy to rocket up over boulders with little effort. ATV’s offer TRUE FREEDOM!

After an amazing 1 way journey, we stopped at a clearing with a table and benches. Lunch was served alongside an exciting conversation about our adventure so far. The view was otherworldly. High above the clouds, we looked down on both the south and west coast of Maui and across the central valley to the West Maui Mountains. It was beautiful. After lunch, I took a short stroll down through the trees. I sat on a rock perched high above Maui on the slopes of Haleakala. It was quiet with the exception of a few birds. Had we been able to stay all day, this would be the perfect spot to meditate.

We took off on the trail to make our way back. At one point, some of us got cut off from the pack due to 3 cows deciding to stop for a break in the middle of the trail. It made for some laughs and forced us to recognize how beautiful our surroundings were.

Once we got back, we took off our helmets, glasses, and head-socks, and found raccoon-like markings on each person’s face. The dirt was thick, and we were very glad to have been told beforehand to bring clothes we didn’t care about. It took a few days to find the last bits of red dirt between toes, nails, etc…


Was this trip worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I didn’t have big expectations before going on this tour, but I was blown away! There’s no way to understand the true freedom afforded with the use of a hardcore 4×4 ATV. So much fun! Call Toll-Free: 1-855-428-6843

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