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I love your website, and I am hoping you might be able to help with some information.  My Girl Scout Troop is going to Maui this summer to help with Habitat for Humanity.  There will be either 9 or 10 of us in total.  We were hopeing to either rent a large passenger van, or maybe there is a company that will drive us as needed?  We are going to be staying in a church for most of our stay, but want to sightsee at night after working all day and we have the weekend to sightsee.  Could you help suggest the best way to travel with this # of people.  Either rent 2 cars, or a large van, or is public transportation recommended?  We don’t want to be stuck somewhere because the transportation has shut down.  We will be working until 4 everyday so won’t get out until after 6ish each night after getting cleaned up.
I appreciate any help you can give.  Also, I would love some information on sightseeing.  We of course are on a budget as Girl Scouts, but want to see a volcanoe, waterfalls, the beaches, and whatever else you would recommend.  We are so excited to visit and to be a part of Habitat for Humanity.
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Wow, Sonja!
That sounds amazing!  It’s great to hear you’re doing this!


What exactly will you be doing for Habitat for humanity?  If you send me photos and info, I’d love to blog about your troop and give your cause some exposure online.  We have some pretty powerful websites with a lot of traffic.


As far as transportation, the bus system is public, but not great if you want late night transport.  I would contact some of the local car/van rental companies and give them your story to see if you can get some donations or major discounts.  I’m sorry I’m not more help.


Sun sets around 6pm, so you won’t be seeing much if you do your sightseeing at this time.  Hopefully you can get a few days off while you’re here, or maybe you can do some of your work at night?  Maui is a daytime place.  Or perhaps you can get up early to do things.  Haleakala Crater is amazing, but its a long drive and you’ll need half a day.  Waterfalls are pretty far too (on the way to Hana).  Beaches are pretty easy access and all over.  Here are a few links:


Maui Activities
Maui Beaches


I hope this helps.  Please keep us updated!
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