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Five Palms Restaurant Maui

2960 South Kihei Rd.
Kihei, HI 96753
(808) 879-2607

Five Palms Restaurant in South Maui has one of the best locations on the island. Tucked away under the Mana Kai, many visitors don’t know about this spot. Sarento’s next door tends to get the hype, but we’re happy to let everyone in on this little secret.

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Five Palms Maui Experience


Five Palms does a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all for prices you usually don’t find on the water. They have a great patio that faces Keawakapu Beach. The inside of the restaurant is in need of renovation and reminds us a bit of a retirement home. But the outdoor area is unparalleled in style and ocean view.

Breakfast is inexpensive and high quality. Lunch is great too. Although the view is almost gone when dark, the dinner is worth having there. Their fish entrees never disappoint (see the crab-crusted Mahi below.) Service is excellent and if you’re looking for just a cocktail and pupus, check out the bar with a built-in Sushi bar next to it.


I’ve never been to this restaurant but my friend used to live in Maui and she used to go to the restaurant. She had breakfast or lunch at least three to four times a week. She loved the restaurant and the food. Now she moved back to SF and any time she talks about restaurants in Maui she cannot stop talking about Five Palms restaurant!


I tried to have lunch there yesterday and three hostesses, couple more waiters, a bartender, and numerous busboys along with the manager ignored me for 23 minutes while I was waiting to be seated. A single male came after me and got seated right away, as well as a party of four. I got no service after they asked me if I could wait just five minutes to be seated. This is after I have eaten there several times and given at least 30% tips to the waiters and bartenders. I finally left since obviously I wasn’t going to get served and ate at Tommy Bahama’s in The Shops at Wailea instead, where I had great food, great service, and a great view.

~Charles D

Still the best restaurant view in Maui, Hawaii. You can’t beat it. The inside needs some renovations, but the outside patio area is fantastic.

~Maui Fan

5 Palms has one of the best views for eating in Maui. Though, for sunset, Sarentos is a little better cause of the angle. I guess it depends on what time of year too.


Five Palms Maui Restaurant

The veggies are a little buttery. But everything else was good. We’ll be back to the five palms.

~Mad Max

My husband and I went last night and had such a good meal that we came back for lunch today. The view from Five Palms Maui is incredible. We’re glad we tried this restaurant.


Great food. Pretty happy about going there. I had some Mahi Mahi that was out of this world. They do a great job.


This is such a great spot. Not a lot of people go there, and I kind of wished you didn’t put this page up. But it’s cool, I understand the service you’re doing for people. Thanks, Maui Information Guide for the honest reviews and respectful information. It’s good to see the island written about by locals. Aloha!

~Koloa Johnson

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