Best Maui Memories


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I have a few good memories of Maui, but how can anyone have any bad ones? My fiance and I were in Maui last year in March. We were married in Maui at¬†Makena Cove in the rain. We thought that was bad luck, but in fact some locals that were on the beach witnessing said the rain was good luck. On another day we thought that we would try to do some snorkeling just off of the place where we were staying (Ka’anapali resorts) and as beginners we looked like two beached whales flopping around trying to get on our flippers. We sat too close to the waters edge and the waves kept flipping us over. It was hilarious and we were wondering why everyone kept walking sideways in those things…we figured it out afterwards. We also went whale watching and for some reason it made me cry. I think just being in such a beautiful place and having the opportunity to watch those beautiful creatures was just breathtaking. When I am in not such a good mood and I need to find my “happy place”, I think about Maui and those whales. That memory always takes me back to Maui even if I cannot be there, I’m there in spirit. Oh and let’s not forget the Hawaii Tsunami. We were supposed to leave that Friday, but Thursday night we had to evacuate our room and move to a higher level floor. All flights were cancelled, but when we were able to leave and fly to Honolulu to catch our flight back to the mainland, there wasn’t another flight out until Sunday. So we were able to stay in Hawaii for 2 extra days. What great memories and we hope to get back to Maui next year when my business takes off and we are financially okay. Thank you! Oh and I love the pink cover. A Hui Hou!

By Olivia M.

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