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Maui Tsunami Evacuation – Routes & Zones

In light of the few near-misses by Tsunami’s in Maui waters in the last decade or so, we’ve decided to find some maps and put them at your fingertips more easily. Below are evacuation zones for the island of Maui. Please move to higher ground in the event of a potential tsunami. Any roads that are shown to border flood zones are thought to be safe (but we won’t really know until one hits, so use extra caution.)  Below you will find individual Maui tsunami evacuation maps for each region of the island.

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Tsunami Evacuation Maps

Important update: The maps below were last updated in 2011. Please see the official County Of Maui Evacuation Routes updated in 2013.


1. South Maui

Makena, Wailea and South Kihei

See updated map HERE.

South Maui

2. Upper South Maui

North Kihei to the beginning of Maʻalaea

See updated map HERE.

Upper South Maui

3. Maʻalaea to Ukumehame

Kealia, Maʻalaea, McGregor Point, and Ukumehame Beach Park (The Pali Area)

See updated map HERE.

Maalaea to Ukumehame

4. Lower West Maui

Ukumehame Beach Park, Olowalu, Launiupoko Beach Park

See updated map HERE.

Lower West Maui

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5. Lahaina Area

Launiupoko Beach Park, Lahaina Town, and Wahikuli Beach Park

See updated map HERE.

Lahaina Area

6. Kaʻanapali & Napili

Hanakaoʻo, Kaʻanapali, Honokowai, and Napili

See updated map HERE.

Kaanapali & Napili

7. Napili & Honolua Area

Napili Bay, Honolua Bay, Honokohau Bay, and Keawalua

See updated map HERE.

Napili and Honolua Area

8. Kahului Area

Waiheʻe, Waihu, Wailuku, Kahului, Kanaha Beach Park, and Kahului Airport

See updated map HERE.

Kahului Area

9. North East Maui

Kanaha Beach Park, Paia Town and Kuau

See updated map HERE.

North East Maui

10. East Maui (Hana Town)

Pailoa Bay, Hana, Hamoa, and Puʻuiki

See updated map HERE.

East Maui

All of the maps above are from the County of Maui website in 2013. If the maps have changed since then, please let us know and we’ll update them.