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The weather in Maui is different in each region of the island. You’ll find that the East side is far more humid than Lahaina. You’ll find that Kihei/Wailea area rains only a fraction as much as the Iao Valley (see what to do if it rains in Maui). Weather patterns in each area are respectively fairly similar year-round. The South side of Maui is the driest and the sunniest. Hana is the wettest. Upcountry and the Haleakala Crater are the coldest. See this week’s Maui weather report below.

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Hawaii Tsunamis

Hawaii is located in the middle of the most dramatic environment on the planet. Being further away from any content than any other island in the world makes the Hawaiian Islands susceptible to all kinds of natural occurrences.

Among these natural phenomena are Tsunamis, Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, snow, drought, and any other weather episode you can think of.

Maui Weather Report Waves
After the Tsunami that hit South East Asia after Christmas of 2004, everyone has become awfully aware of the particular devastation a tsunami can have on local populations. Hawaii has never experienced quite as horrific a tsunami as that one, but it has had its fair share. Because of this, Hawaii is equipped with tsunami warning systems around populated coastal areas. You may see large yellow speakers up high on poles near the beach. Many of them are now set up for solar power. These are tested monthly on the first day of the month; so don’t be “alarmed” when they’re testing.

To view any current warnings go to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Hawaii Tsunami History


A 7.1 earthquake hit the Aleutian Islands sending a massive tsunami toward the Big Island of Hawaii on April 1st. It killed 159 people and caused over 26 million dollars in damage.


An 8.2 earthquake off of the Kamchatka Peninsula in the former USSR generated a tsunami on November 4th that caused close to a million dollars in damage, but no one was killed.


Another earthquake from the Aleutian Islands sent a tsunami that caused approximately 5 million dollars in damage on March 9th.


An 8.3 earthquake from Chile killed 61 people in Hilo, Hawaii on May 23rd and caused over 23 million dollars in damage.

Maui Weather Report Passing Showers


Off the coast of the Big Island on November 29th, an earthquake generated a tsunami killing 2 campers at Halape Beach Park.


We had a little scare at the beginning of 2010, but nothing came of it other than some irregular tides.


The devastating earthquake that struck Japan also generated a tsunami wave that pushed close to a mile into Maui’s Central Valley. A lot of water damage but no injuries.


After a 7.7 earthquake near British Columbia, Canada a tsunami warning was issued for Hawaii.  Water levels rose a little but no significant damage was recorded.


An 8.3 earthquake near Chile sent tsunami waves toward Hawaii but the result was much smaller by the time it made it to Hawaii making no real threat to the islands.

Though the possibility of a Maui tsunami disaster is possible, it’s far less likely due to island blocking. Still, it’s best to be prepared and aware of where to evacuate if a tsunami hits Maui.