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Free Hawaii Backgrounds

Use for Twitter, other social sites, or websites!

Click on one of the pictures below, and a new page will open up. Save the large image by either right clicking or by dragging the background to your desktop. When you upload the background to Twitter (or any other social network or website that you can set your background on) make sure to set it to "Tile".

Every background is seamless in it's Tiling from right to left. Some of the them also are seamless up and down. Follow us! @Maui
We hope you like these Hawaii Backgrounds taken by Natalie Brown. We're always making new ones, so send your friends over for their own free Hawaii Background and Wallpaper!

  • Big beach 2
  • Ocean Reef

Top 25 Best Maui Activities

  • Big beach
  • Plumeria Flowers

  • Ocean coast
  • waterfall

  • Little Beach
  • Maui reef
  • Sand Dunes
  • Maui Jungle
  • ocean water
  • lava rock
  • Molokini Crater
  • Maui sunset

Artsy Large Twitter Backgrounds

Here are some more Twitter Backgrounds, but these do not tile seamlessly. They are large images that have been made to fit most screens up to 30 inches. These are more arsty with applied filters.

  • sepia sunset
  • Lahaina sunset
  • Makena Cove
  • Palm Tree


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Free iPhone Backgrounds

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