West Maui Mountains


We took this photo driving south from Wailuku Town yesterday. It was another perfect day with hot, clear weather. It seems like every direction you look in, while on Maui, you find some beautiful view. Sometimes I think that people are too obsessed with ocean views. The mountains on Maui are unlike any others in the world. When I buy my next piece of property, I’ll be looking more for mountain views than ocean. When enjoying leisure time, we’re often at the beach. So why not enjoy the views of majestic, lush mountains when relaxing at home?

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  1. We just posted a photo of a mountain view off of Main Street in Wailuku, this morning on our Posterous blog. Then I saw the link to this photo from you Facebook. Great shot of the mountains! Lucky we live on Maui – we get both spectacular ocean and mountain views. ^AMB


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