Vacation Adventures in Family Dining


There are so many delightful things about being on vacation, and the adults in the group tend to get extremely excited about someone else doing the cooking and cleaning.  With this guide, you’ll all have a good time and leave full!

#1  Monkeypod Kitchen

This delightful restaurant bridges a kid-friendly casual atmosphere with delicious food and a wide array of choices to suit everyone’s pallet.  Their mission statement will make you even more at ease:  “Master the craft of food, drink, and merrymaking with Aloha.”  And if your little ones are hungry on the earlier side, then you’re in luck!  Their happy hour is from 3pm-5:30pm, with all their appetizers half off and their enticing wood-fired pizzas at $9.  There’s often live music, which keeps everyone’s mood buoyant and keeps any of the louder squawks coming from your table unnoticeable.  Happy tummies, happy family!  You will want to make a reservation for this restaurant.  The wait can be quite long otherwise.

#2 Haliimaile Restaurant

This gorgeously restored general store has become a beloved spot for visitors and locals alike.  And they adore the children that come in to dine with them (as long as an adult is accompanying them!).  They offer a children’s menu designed to feed even the most finicky of eaters.  But the icing on the cake is their “kid’s cocktails”.  While these cocktails aren’t of the alcoholic variety, they are definitely strong in cuteness!  Order one of their “Baby Blue Whale” kid’s cocktail, which is lemonade and blue oranges.  And if you’ve forgotten a sippy cup for your toddler, they’ve got you covered.  The adults in the group will be hard-pressed to find a more sensational meal.  You may not even get past the award-winning crab pizza at the top of the menu!  All the pieces for a happy family meal out.  Reservations are strongly suggested for this restaurant.
Haliimaile General Store

#3 Paia Fish Market

This no-nonsense restaurant cuts your wait time in half!  You wait in line to order your food, find a community dining style bench to sit at and pick up your food when you’re number is called.  If your mind is picturing a fast-food joint, then you’re on the wrong page.  While their service and preparation is lightening speed, their food is as fresh and satiating as a fine dining restaurant.  Once you bite into “The Best Fish Burger on Maui”, you will have found your food utopia.  And while their kids menu is simple, every choice is more delicious than the next, so it’s an easy order.  Their handsome wood tables warm up this festive restaurant and the cheerful atmosphere of diners enjoying a fantastic meal will set your mood to happy!

#4 Kimo’s

As you are taken to a table on their patio, you will feel as though you’re on the deck of a yacht, looking out at the harbor with its brightly bobbing sailboats.  Right on the water, you will have a 5-star view!  The offerings on their keiki (kid’s)menu range from fresh fish and Koloa pork ribs to the simpler fare of pasture raised hot dogs and mac n’ cheese.  Try to make it for their Aloha hour, from 3pm-5pm and you’ll get to dine on wok charred edamame and lobster sliders without spending a pretty penny.  Every member of your family will find happiness in the expansive sky, sea and Kimo’s macadamia nut crusted calamari.

#5 Flatbread Company

Everyone loves pizza, so this option is an obvious no-brainer.  The staff is refreshingly unique, dressed to their own beat, and they encourage you to enjoy your meal in a likewise carefree fashion.  Some booths, some community style eating tables, and enough aloha to spread over the entire restaurant.  Your kids will get paper and crayons, but if you ask nicely, they will bring over a bit of dough and some flour so your budding chef can practice rolling out their own pizzas!  These wood fire pizzas are a heavenly ticket to food lovers paradise, with organic and local produce and unique pizza pairings that fit together like Sonny and Cher.  We’re a big fan of their daily specials, so make sure to check the brightly illustrated chalkboard for that info.  Someone sensitive to gluten or vegan?  They have your perfect pie waiting for you!  Getting there on the earlier side is always a good idea, as this delicious joint is becoming popular!
Flatbread Pizza

#6 Leoda’s Kitchen and Pie Shop

This adorable plantation-style restaurant makes the most heavenly homemade pies, you might be tempted to start with dessert!  But then you’ll be torn when you see the list of their savory freshly baked pot pies.  Or do you try something totally different, like the Lahaina Dog, with its Maui gold pineapple chutney and poha berry mustard all tucked into a house-made bun?  The kid’s fare is simple, but they may end up picking from your plate!  You’ll be thrilled with the variety of choices, the farm-fresh food, and the lively atmosphere will soften even the fussiest of guests.  If dessert wasn’t your appetizer, make sure to save room for a generous slice of their macadamia nut chocolate praline pie.  Paradise on a plate at this fantastic dining experience!  They do close at 8 pm, so make sure you get there in time!

There you have it!  Seven sensational restaurants that will cater to every person in your family.  You don’t need to go to a snobbish restaurant in Maui to experience delectable food in a family-friendly environment.  Now that your stomach is grumbling, go get some grub!

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