Molokini from Way Above


Here are a few fun photos we got on yesterday’s flight back to Maui.  We took this as we approached the landing, wrapping around the southeast portion of the island.  The vantage point of Molokini Crater and of the south of Maui is pretty unique.  You can even see the new windmills on the backside of Haleakala.  Pretty cool.

For those unacquainted with Molokini Crater, it is a partially sunken volcanic atoll about 2 miles off the south coast of Maui.  It’s very well known for having high visibility within the crater, making for great snorkeling and scuba diving.  Another aspect that makes it better for underwater sports is that it has been deemed a marine Conservation District and Bird Sanctuary.    You can learn more at the Molokini Crater Website.

molokini crater

4 thoughts on “Molokini from Way Above”

  1. Nice! Is there any way I could get the original jpeg? I’d like to print this an mount it. I’ll do one for you too in return. Scott Bryant

    • Sorry, Scott. This image isn’t available for reproduction quite yet. Ask us in a few weeks or a month. Mahalo for your interest!


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