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Molokini Crater Snorkeling Map

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Molokini Snorkeling Map


The beach in front of the Makena Beach & Golf Resort is the closest departure point to get to Molokini Crater. Only 1 boat, the Kai Kanani, is allowed to have beach entry on Maluaka Beach in Makena.
(808) 879-7218

Maluaka Beach


The Kihei Boat Ramp is the second closest departure point to Molokini. Very few vessels leave from here, and of them, we really like the Redline Rafting.
(808) 757-9211

Kihei Boat Ramp


The most popular destination to leave from is Maʻalaea Harbor because it holds many boats and because it’s close to both the South Maui and West Maui areas. The Calypso has a large, stable catamaran that runs really fun trips.
(808) 856-4274

Maalaea Harbor


The furthest departure point from Molokini is Lahaina Harbor (closed due to Maui fire). Most people staying in West Maui (Lahaina, Kaʻanapali, Kapalua, Napili) choose to make the 20-30 minute drive to Maʻalaea Harbor. Trilogy has a great reputation for fun Molokini snorkel trips.
(808) 874-5649

Lahaina Harbor

Boss Frogs Snorkel Report

Snorkeling Molokini Crater

Subzone A

The inner portion of the crater is considered Subzone A, which means there are special restrictions on potentially harmful activities. Some examples include feeding the fish, fishing for or capturing fish, and altering sand or coral in any way, to moor or anchor where it is not permitted. This keeps the inner area protected from excessive harm. You’ll see that ocean life is thriving due to the marine conservation efforts. Subzone B allows for some permitted fishing.

Molokini Snorkeling Inside Crater

Subzone B

This zone is especially popular for snorkeling because the protective walls of the crater usually offer much higher visibility in the water. You can often see as far as 100 feet in front of you. The more popular spots are Middle Reef, Tako Flats, Shark Condos, and Enʻe Nuʻe.

From the inner wall of Molokini, the crater floor slopes downward, which allows for opportunities to snorkel as close as you want to the reef.

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Snuba Diving Molokini Crater

Molokini Snuba Dive

The In-Between Sport

Snuba Diving is a great way to enjoy the best parts of scuba diving without all the training and restrictive gear. When snuba diving, you use the same equipment as scuba, only your tank is floating at the surface on a raft, you’re connected via a long hose, and you don’t need the BCD wrapped around you. Diving closer to the reef is much easier than snorkeling, and you can stay down. Fish sometimes shy away from snorkelers because of their erratic up-and-down swimming. With snuba or scuba, your relaxed state seems to put them more at ease. At Molokini, you’ll be surrounded by fish regardless of how you get in the water.

No experience or certification is required and it’s a ton of fun!

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Scuba Diving Molokini Crater

Molokini Snorkeling Backwall

Backwall (South Side)

The Backwall of Molokini Crater is world-famous for its drift-wall diving. It’s incredibly deep (the wall drops straight down to over 350 feet deep.) It’s more for advanced divers because buoyancy control, good air consumption, and experience are important for safety. This is not a good place to snorkel.

In The Cove

Inside Molokini Crater is also great for diving. There is less current, though near the edges it can be strong. When scuba diving, you can go deeper and past the snorkeling areas and get to deeper, magnificent reefs.

Make sure you’re certified and are current on your diving knowledge.

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Molokini Scuba Dive

Caution: When in the ocean anywhere in Maui County, there are many dangers you should be aware of. We are not liable for any loss or damage that may occur when entering the ocean. Our suggestions come with many red flags! Be careful of waves, sharp coral reef, sharp rocks, dangerous ocean life, vessels, other people, your own ability, aliens, Loch Ness Monsters, and any and all things that could be dangerous.