Maui Fires burn hills of Maalaea


The fire continues to blaze over Maalaea Harbor. We could see and smell it burning all day.

This Maui fire began around 10:30 at night on Monday, June 7th, 2010. by noon the next day, it had reportedly consumed over 2,000 acres of land. Our good friend that works at Air Maui said that the Helicopters were flying in and out all day long.

This is not the first fire to spring up on the south or west of Maui, Hawaii. With the dry lands in summer, brush on the hills make for easily started fires. Some are naturally started, and others are by arsonists.

The picture above was taken from Kihei at night. You can see the lights of Maalaea Harbor on the upper right side. Much of Maalaea was forced to evacuate. The Highway was also closed for much of Tuesday.

Let’s all hope that this is handled quickly and no more of Maui burns.

maui fires

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