Maui Chef’s Table


If you’re looking for a sensational meal in paradise, Maui Chef’s Table is the only place to be.  From the moment you walk into this culinary experience, your take on dining out will never be the same.  Take a peek at what all the hype is about and I bet you’ll be making your reservation before you’re done reading this!

Course #1:  Dashi custard~Turnip~Head Cheese

Maui Chef's Table

The executive chef doesn’t mind taking risks, especially when he can use a few unusual ingredients in an incredibly tasty way!  The roasted turnip and mustard greens added a bite to the fried head cheese and custard.

Course #2:  Coffee Roasted Carrots~Espresso Streusel~Coconut Lemongrass Cream

Maui Chef's Table

These Thai rainbow carrots swam happily in a mouth-watering broth of coconut milk, ginger, garlic and a shot of espresso.  Topped with fried carrot greens, I was licking the bowl on this course!

Course #3:  Fennel Sausuage~Lentils~Mustard

Maui Chef's Table

Maui Tropical Plantation has its own charcuterie, which is equal parts cool and tasty.  The protein in broken down in-house, so the quality and flavor exceeds most restaurants.  This dish had many micro parts, like micro scallions and a bit of pahole fern to add color and a pop of flavor.  The coolest part was the cubed mustard gel, which the chef crafted perfectly to accompany this dish.

Course #4:  Parsley Pasta~Tomato Curd~Nasturtium~Gremolata

Maui Chef's Table

Who doesn’t love homemade pasta?  This bright bite was bursting with a vibrant parsley flavor, mellowed out by the fresh tomato curd.  Of course, the chef added a tasty twist, which was a nasturtium flower sauce made with compound butter.  And because looks always matter, he vacuum-pressed a few nasturtium leaves for flavor and placed them next to the house-cured cheese.  Perfection!

Course #5:  Kauai Shrimp~Avocado~Tomato Relish~Tortilla

Maui Chef's Table

This dish was light, and bursting with texture and flavor.  The shrimp head was lightly brined, poached and then fried to a crispy perfection.  Paired with the classic Mexican flavors of avocado, tomato and tortillas, this dish made our my mouth a happy camper.  Using the shrimp head showcased the executive chef’s ability to use all the components to create a fantastic dish!

Course #6:  Venison~Fennel~Savory Granola

Maui Chef's Table

This dish got a standing ovation, 5 stars and an award for most sensational pairing of flavors!  This North Shore-caught venison shared a plate with two incredible sauces.  The first was a preserved lemon puree and the second was a fennel puree, each balancing out the others flavors.  This dish was also paired with a delicious rillette wrapped in a savory granola.  A few golden raisins graced the granola to add a bit of sweetness.  This was heaven on a plate!

Course #7:  Grapefruit Crémeux~Ginger Cake~Ginger Rum

Dining in Maui

Just when you think you couldn’t possibly eat another bite, dessert is served.  Thankfully, the chef knows enough to make dessert light and digestive-friendly.  This dish was everything a last course should be.  It was sweet, spicy, warm and cool.  With aerated ice cream and smoked soursop, this dish ended the meal on the perfect note of deliciousness!

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