Magical Maui – Surreal Imagery


One of the most common complaints about our blog posts is an accusation that we Photoshop the water to look brighter and more turquoise.  In reality, we often only use Photoshop to cut back on ocean saturation, because during mid-day sun, it’s hard to believe that our ocean is really as striking as it looks straight out of the camera.

If you are going to alter images of Maui, might as well go all the way!  Our good friend Jesse Lee is a master of all things geek.  He recently tasked himself with building wild images that incorporate at least one Maui element.  His art is available for purchase if you’re looking for a Surreal Maui Prints.

Streets of New York

sidewalk surfing

Giant Honu with surfers

Moon landing Haleakala Maui

Moon landing Haleakala Maui
floating car in forest

Uproot Maui

old man waterfall

We felt compelled to do one too. Why should Jesse have all the fun?  Do you recognize this Road to Hana waterfall?

beach time on Maui

Honu rocket

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