Lukas, Micah & Willie Nelson Show – Maui Country Club


It’s about time we finally share a little-known show that went down at the Maui Country Club about a month ago starring Lukas & Micah Nelson, Promise of the Real and their dad Willie Nelson.  A small show that exceeded every expectation delighting residents on the north shore of Maui.

Lukas Micah and Willie Nelson on Maui

Photos courtesy of these Maui photographers: Mike Adrian, Lorne Direnfeld, Richard Pechner.

A Family Show

The first show put on by the Maui Country Club went off without a hitch.  It was AMAZING!  On January 28th, Lukas, Micah and Willie played with their band Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real (POTR) under the stars on the Makai Lawn for an enthusiastic crowd of club members and their guests.  Having enjoyed watching them play an amazing night at Charley’s for New Year’s Eve 2013, I knew it would sell out immediately, and it did!

Maui Country Club Show

Lukas Nelson playing Maui

Lukas and Micah were joined periodically by their father for some classic tunes, a few covers and some new and old music from his kids.  The night was filled with legendary music, fun dancing, delicious food, and strong cocktails.  Apart from watching POTR rock the house with such talented musicians, the family dynamic was heart-warming.

Willie Nelson family

Member Liz Boykin commented of Willie, “…damn, that man’s heart is big and his love for his sons and the pride he feels for them and the joy he radiates performing with them filled my soul right up!  Mahalo Nelsons for sharing all of that with us.”

Lukas Nelson

Watching this close family jam paired perfectly with the crowd, since most of the audience knew each other well and are themselves a tight Maui ohana.  It was a special night for many reasons.

The Music

It’s hard to explain just how talented Lukas Nelson is.  Of course, he has music in his blood, but there’s something truly unique about him.  We overheard a guest say, “It seems like the guitar is part of his body, and when listening, you don’t want the music to ever end!”  Uncannily, he has his dad’s voice when singing mellower music, and when the harder rock begins, he really comes alive and into his own.

Lukas Nelson

We first were introduced to Micah Nelson’s creativity on New Year’s Eve a few years back.  He painted a beautiful piece on a surfboard on the side of the stage while his brother played.  Again, the apple hasn’t fallen far, as he has his own bands featuring his impressive guitar skills too.  When I spoke to him, he mentioned he’s diving into animation, which we’re excited to see and share.  Also, It seems he was an integral part of the POTR sessions recorded recently.

Micah Nelson

Lukas, Micah and the POTR band have been at their studios in Malibu working on new tracks up until their arrival back on Maui before the show.  Lukas was thrilled about how the sessions progressed saying, “Without a doubt, the experience in the studio this past week was one of the greatest moments of my life… 20 excellent new songs with a group of legendary people who happen to be my brothers… This is the music I’ve always wanted to make…”

Listening to my brother play .. 📸: @joeymartinez

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Promise of the Real Band

From top left counterclockwise: Anthony LoGerfo, Tato Melgar, and Corey McCormick.

Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real

From Left to Right: Jesse Grey Siebenberg and Anthony LoGerfo

Willie Nelson on Maui

It’s no secret that Willie lives on the north shore of Maui, along with a handful of other notable artists, musicians, actors, and other celebs.  Willie said in his autobiography It’s a long Story, ” I did a tour with Bonnie Raitt on a few of the Hawaiian Islands.  That’s when I fell in love with Maui.  I bought some beachfront property in a sleepy little town called Paia.  Things are pretty kicked back all over the island, but Paia has its own super-relaxed vibe.  Folks there leave you alone and aren’t too impressed with show business.  My kind of place.”

Willie Nelson

Well, he’s right about that, but we all go nuts when we get a chance to watch live music from a legend.  Especially while playing with his talented kids and other gifted Maui residents that make up the band.

Lukas and Micah Nelson

Maui Country Club

Maui Country Club staff

We want to thank the hard working staff at the Maui Country Club for going out of their way to put this on for us.  Is it too much to ask that we do this monthly?  Let’s do this!

Doctor Casey in Maui

Some of our favorite people (from left to right): Larenda Casey of Dock and Shop, Actor/Composer/musician Jesse Grey Siebenberg, and Dr. Duffy Casey founder of Global Brigades.

Willie Nelson Maui

Such a special moment for us!  (from left to right): Micah Nelson of Particle Kid, Maui Photographer Natalie Brown, Willie Nelson author of one of our favorite books It’s A Long Story, Chris Norberg of Hawaii Web Group and Lukas Nelson of Promise of the Real.

Maui Country Club show

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  1. Greetings from Bavaria ⚪️✌❗️Today we visited you for the first time, here on Mauiinfo ✌❗️Have fun making music, Don’t forget to party ❗️Josef from Passau ❗️

  2. And his golfing buddy Kristofferson and wife Lisa live a ways down the Hana Highway just outside the small town of Hana. kris claims Willie can’t be pulled away from the golf courses near his home, so he doesn’t go to Hana; the Hana-based Kristoffersons see Willie when they go to the airport to fly to LAX, if he isn’t “on the road again.”

  3. Trying to find Willie, took care of him & “the family” @ Harrah’s Tahoe ’78-82, We gave them the whole 14th floor! His Chef “Beast” & I were good buds, wanted me to take his job when Beast went to work w/ Bonnie Raitt..I did Hag’s Wedding in Gardnerville, made fresh Grapefruit Juice for Willie’s morning run for years..hope all is well.. Looking for some friends in common..


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