Lazy Day Activities on Maui


We’ve all been there. It’s morning slash early afternoon and you’re down for the count. Sunburned, sandy-haired, covered in a layer of ocean salt and Maui dust, and unable to consume any more ounces of rum, you have officially been owned by your vacation. But don’t let a little island-style hangover get you down. There’s plenty of ways to enjoy your day without doing anything remotely strenuous.

Brunch It

If you can manage to put pants on (or bathing suit bottoms, at the very least), you can drive to the nearest place that says breakfast and get yourself some food. You may even feel adventurous enough to find a nearby tree and eat in the shade. I recommend stick donuts at Komoda’s Bakery in Makawao, pineapple coconut french toast at Kihei Caffe, banana macadamia nut pancakes at Gazebo in Lahaina or a crepe from Cafe Des Amis in Paia. Order up some fresh Maui or Kona brand coffee, a bottle of water, and find a breeze to make brunch an easy win for the day.

Lazy Day ActivitiesWatch It

Some people think it’s lame to go see a movie on vacation. I call those people over-achievers. Grab your favorite candy and get ready for some low-risk, low-maintenance fun. There are three movie theaters on the island to choose from, including the Kaahumanu 6 at the Queen Ka’ahumanu Center in Kahului, the Regal Maui Mall Megaplex in Kahului, and the Regal Wharf Cinema in Lahaina. There used to be a theater in Kihei, but it closed down in November 2012, despite what your google map may lead you to believe.

There are also some great indoor shows on the island, should you feel a bit too fancy for the movie theater, including Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show. The most you will be asked to do is show up, sit quietly and occasionally clap your hands in applause. I think you can handle it.

Relax It

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to treat yourself. Schedule a spa day at the closest resort and let the stress (and mai tai toxins) leave your body. Maui has tons of gorgeous spas, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one that accepts walk-ins for services, including beach-front massages, facials and body scrubs. A woman on a budget? Have a family member, close friend or significant other sing you sweet lullabies while they paint your toenails and feed you brownies. Or at least throw that out there and see what happens. A man on a budget? Put a damp, microwaved wash cloth over your face, your iPod on shuffle, spritz some air freshener on a pillow and call it a spa day.

If none of the above still sounds feasible, draw a picture of what you think the sunset will look like and see how close you are. Then reward yourself with more water and sleep. I won’t judge you.

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